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  • Barracuda Dose Detector

    Barracuda Dose Detector

    For Low Dose Rate Measurements

    The R100B is a dose detector for the Barracuda. It is specially designed for low dose rate measurements. The detector is small to minimize interference with the X-ray systems automatic exposure control. R100B is a solid state detector with a metal housing which makes it very durable. It does not need correction for temperature or pressure and need no bias voltage. The R100B works with all type of electrometer modules available for the Barracuda. Best performance is obtained with the EMM-BiasW module.


    The R100B dose detector is designed for low dose rate measurements when measuring the input dose to the image intensifier. It can be used both for continuous and pulsed fluroroscopy. The R100B is small and has a fast response which makes it ideal for pulsed fluoroscopy. It can detect the individual pulses, determine pulse rate and show waveforms even at the highest pulse rates used on modern fluoroscopy systems. This is not possible with ionization chambers since their response is too slow to resolve individual pulses.

    Scattered and Leakage Radiation

    The R100B used with the EMM-BiasW electrometer module can detect extremely low dose rate levels. A lower range of 1 nGy/s (0.4 mR/h) makes it possible to use it also for measurement of scattered and leakage radiation.

    Light green triangle: 3 mm Al + 2.0 mm Cu
    Dark green square: 3 mm Al + 1.5 mm Cu


    (Dose Detector R100 B used with EMM Bias W)
    Sensitivity  55 µC/Gy
    Size 20 x 45 x 7.4 mm 0.79" x 1.8" x 0.29"
    Weight 85 g (3 oz)
    Active detector area  10 x 10 mm 0.39" x 0.39"
    Cable length  2.0 m (6.6 ft)
    Connector  LEMO triax
    Dose range  0.1 nGy–>100 kGy 12 nR–>11000 kR
    Dose rate range  1 nGy/s–76 mGy/s 0.4 mR/h–31 kR/h
    Dose per pulse  1 nGy/pulse–1000 Gy/pulse 12 nR/pulse–110 kR/pulse
    Backscatter  None

    Article Nr: 9730001-00

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