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  • MPD Panoramic Holder

    MPD Panoramic Holder

    Makes the OPG Positioning Easier

    The MPD Panoramic Holder can be fitted with magnets or adhesive tape. The holder comes with several bendable plates that can be used to fit "around corners" depending on the geometry of the panoramic (OPG ) system. Note that on some panoramic systems, magnets are not allowed or not possible to use, and the plates makes it easy to use adhesive tape instead.

    To perform a measurement:

    1. Attach the holder and MPD.
    2. Select the "MPD Position Check" and make an exposure.
    3. Select "measure all".
    4. Make an exposure and get kVp, exposure time, dose, dose rate, HVL total filtration, and waveform. All in one exposure!


    Article Nr: 9722901-00

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