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    How-to: CTDI with CT Dose Profiler and RTI Mover 

    This instructional video will guide you through the set up for a CTDI measurement using the Piranha together with the RTI Mover and CT Dose Profiler.



    How-to: CTDI Measurement with Ion Chamber and Black Piranha 

    This instructional video will show you how to make a CTDI measurement using CT Ion Chamber and the Black Piranha.


    How-to: Free-in-air Measurement with 30 cm CT Ion Chamber and Black Piranha 

    This instructional video will show you how to carry out a free-in-air measurement using 30 cm CT Ion Chamber, Piranha and Ocean Quick Check.


    How-to: Black Piranha Mammography Set-Up 

    This video guides you through how to set up the Black Piranha for a mammography test.


    How-to: CT kV Measuring Tip 

    How to measure the kilovolt in a CT without stopping the table from moving.

    How-to: Black Piranha Basic Set-up

    How to set up the Black Piranha with Ocean Quick Check. This video guides you to your first measurements.



    How-to: Black Piranha and Mas-2 Non Invasive Measurement

    How to set up your Piranha system for non-invasive MAS measurements. The Piranha MAS-2 is a current probe to use together with the Piranha. It provides an easy way to measure tube current (mA) and tube charge (mAs) without having to connect to any physical test.



    How-to: Use the Panoramic Holder for Piranha

    Piranha Panoramic Holder provides an easy and quick positioning for measurement on Panoramic systems. The Piranha position check and the fluorescent guides, a feature that makes it possible to verify the detector position, ensure accurate and reproducible results.


    How to: Measure CTDI – CT Dose Profiler

    This film will guide you through how to carry out a measurement in a CTDI phantom and free in air in a CT, using the CT Dose Profiler probe, the Piranha and the Ocean software. With the CT Dose Profiler you only have to perform one helical scan, instead of the usual five axial scans, due to the automatic compensation in the program. The variable length allows the probe to fit into various different CTDI phantoms. When you've finished, your customized report is just a click away.



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