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In 1982, we released the first commercially-available X-ray multimeter, DIGI-X, to measure non-invasive kV. Since then, our core mission has been to protect patients and staff by producing easy-to-use and effective X-ray Quality Assurance (QA) across all modalities.

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The RTI Solution

Discover the vast ecosystem of RTI

Our corporate core relies on providing our customers with a business-oriented approach to X-ray QA-related work. Outside of developing world-class meters and software, we invest heavily in providing an ecosystem for our customers that nurtures the highest levels of compliance.

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RTI Eco system
Calibration & Service

No worries!

In accordance with regulatory demands, our tools are integrated with scheduled maintenance. No worries though, as we will help you with reminders, certification storage, etc. to minimize your downtime.

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RTI Service and calibration
RTI Training

Up your game with our training sessions!

To quickly get you up and running, we moderate a selection of training sessions, whether it'd be beginners level or in-depth tutorials covering more complex tasks. Thanks to our experienced staff, we can easily adapt our tutoring to fit the specific needs of your organization. The training platform also includes a range of how-tos that can be explored for free.

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RTI Training

We've got your back!

Whether it be training, calibration, or general knowledge sharing, we’re here for you! On our Support page, you will find contact details for our much knowledgeable and appreciated support. Let's work together!

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RTI Support

Unlimited control!

The core of our solution lies in our software Ocean Next™. With almost endless possibilities, you are able to customize your setup to best fit your needs. Ocean Next™ software is developed with the most demanding QA functions in mind, including trends, analysis, reports, and traceability through database functionality.

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Ocean on tablet
Scatter Probe RTI
RTI Scatter Probe

Handheld measurements for your convenience


A leakage and scatter detector in one! A solid-state detector for leakage and scatter detection in X-ray environments. Its unique design – two separate detector areas of 10 cm² and 100 cm² – fulfills current regulations and standards for X-ray leakage and scatter measurements.

Discover the RTI Scatter Probe
Campaign Offer LoniMover

RTI LoniMover™ offer


For a smooth capture of results. Together with the RTI CT Ion Chamber or CT Dose Profiler, the LoniMover™ is, without a doubt, the easiest and most accurate way to measure CTDI and waveforms for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT. The LoniMover™ moves your measuring device in Sweep mode or Step mode:


  • In Sweep mode, the LoniMover™, together with the CT Dose Profiler, moves your measuring device at a constant velocity. You also get data for dose width with high reproducibility and high resolution.
  • In Step mode, the LoniMover™ and CT Ion Chamber give you well-defined positions.


We are now offering an exclusive discount for a kit with the LoniMover™, together with either the RTI CT Ion Chamber or the RTI CT Dose Profiler.*


*Valid until 31 December 2022.

Discover the LoniMover™ offer
RTI Multi modalities X-ray

QA Solutions for Multimodalities

Achieve time, efficiency, and cost savings by using the same QA tools across different X-ray systems and applications.

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RTI Modality CT x-ray

QA Solutions for CT

Our X-ray QA portfolio matches the fast-changing world of Computed Tomography (CT), including conventional multi-detector and cone-beam CT. With an RTI meter, you get all traditional CTDI parameters and more!

Find your CT solution
RTI x-ray Modality Mammography

QA Solutions for Mammography

QA for small-field and full-field digital mammography, including DBCT and Spectral Mammography systems.

Find your Mammo solution
RTI x-ray Modality Rad/fluoro

QA Solutions for Rad/Fluoro

QA for Digital Radiography, Computed Radiography, and different types of Fluoroscopy, including Interventional and Surgery applications.

Find your R/F solution
RTI x-ray Modality Dental

QA Solutions for Dental X-ray

Solutions for Intraoral, Panoramic and Cephalometric, or CBCT, including support for wide beam, CTDI, DAP, and radiation beam width measurements.

Find your Dental solution

Our most versatile meter. A powerhouse in X-ray QA.

The Piranha identifies any probe you connect and selects the optimum settings. Your PC Tablet or laptop will work as an interactive display showing just the information you need. When you are done, everything is stored, and a report is ready to be printed.

All Piranhas come ready to use and include our powerful Ocean Next™ software.

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RTI Piranha Multi

For convenient, wireless testing

Cobia is our easy-to-use product platform for quick and efficient measurements. Our Cobias are all tailored for different modalities and job situations.

All Cobias are wireless and fully compliant with our powerful Ocean Next™ software.

Please note: From 24 October 2022, Bluetooth will no longer be offered with any Cobia meter for the foreseeable future. Do not worry, though, all the benefits of the Ocean Next™ software will still be possible with the in-built USB connectivity.

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RTI Cobia
Ocean Next™ software

Dedicated software for X-ray QA and testing

If you want a swift, easy-to-use application for routine controls, or a customized application with workflow, automatic tests, and traceability, our new Ocean Next™ software provides you with both options.

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RTI Ocean on tablet
Ocean Next new release

The release of Ocean Next™ software v.2.0 - download it today!


  • A message panel for news and more visible calibration reminders
  • Autostart first test in sessions
  • Right click to start ”new measurement”
  • Touch up in appearance in all wizards
  • Improved autofill site functionality
  • New CT calibrations
  • New Mammo calibrations


Plus, say hello to myRTI, the RTI-user portal. Keep track of all your RTI products and log ins with one click.

Here you’ll find all your Ocean exposure logs, news about products, software releases, calibration reminders for your meters, and much more!

  • Download the myRTI brochure
  • Download the Ocean Next™ software brochure


Customer testimonial

“This is without a doubt the best kVp meter I have had in 31 years at GE!”

“I find that the ease of function with my service laptop and the meters Bluetooth connectivity make it very productive.  Other meters require long cables to go from X-ray source to meter readout.  Also, the meter works for everything I have used it on from GE AMX product lines to our flagship Cath lab products to Philip Cath labs.  It is easy to change units and go between Grays and Roentgens.  The meter triggers easily and the templates for our OEM products work without any fuss. Overall, it is a great robust meter!

Senior Field Service Engineer, GEHC


We are recruiting!

17 October 2022

A great opportunity for a Software Developer with an interest in cloud technology, to join RTI Group....

Ocean Next™ software v2.0.2.0 Release

27 September 2022

Ocean Next™ software v2.0.2.0 is now available on the RTI Software Downloads webpage....

RTI Academy training in September & October

25 August 2022

Make sure you are fully updated with the RTI solutions! Register today for RTI Academy training courses in September and October....

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