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    RTI – a dedicated partner in bringing beneficial and efficient solutions for safety and quality assurance to the X-ray community.

    Based on the customer’s needs we develop, manufacture, calibrate, and provide the market with systems used in radiology QA. We aim to be a responsive and helpful colleague and partner for our users, setting up and providing good solutions to problems they may encounter.

    Our products are created by and for people. We will work together to achieve an open, vibrant and inspirational environment where ideas and energy can grow with the mission is to minimize risks and optimize processes in radiology QA.

    We do this in a modern, easy and enjoyable way without compromising on performance.


    Certification & Approval

    The RTI Quality Program assures our clients and us that we live up to the expectations that we demand and our customers have. By creating a platform that encourages a commitment to quality and continuous improvements, we are able to ensure that we remain focused on consistently delivering value and quality for our customers and users.

    > Read more about RTI's certifications and approvals


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