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    DAP Chamber

    Big news in a small format

    All over the world DAP is taking over from CTDI in the dental market. RTI has long been in the lead with a solution that more than meets the new standard.

    The DAP Chamber is the perfect tool for field calibration of orthodontic X-ray equipment. You can measure with just one click – fast, easy and accurate, ensuring your quality control process runs safely and smoothly.

    The DAP Chamber now comes in two sizes where the latest model is so small it will fit in the smallest carrying case. 

    Make sure your Piranha is complete! The DAP Chamber is the essential accessory for your dental X-ray quality assurance kit.



    6 mGycm2/s - 1800 mGycm2/s
    0.6 mGycm2 - 1 kGycm2

    Exp. Uncertainty:

    ±6 % at reference conditions RQR5
    ±10 % RQR2 to RQR10

    Valid for:

    Exp time >100 ms
    RTI Chamber Adapter v.1.1.


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    Application note


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