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    DAP Chamber

    Big news in a small format

    All over the world DAP is taking over from CTDI in the dental market.  RTI has long been in the lead with a solution that more than meets the new standard.

    The DAP Chamber is the perfect tool for field calibration of orthodontic X-ray equipment.  You can measure with just one click – fast, easy and accurate, ensuring your quality control process runs safely and smoothly.

    The DAP Chamber now comes in two sizes - "160 00 13" and "160 0018" - where the latest model is so small it will fit in the smallest carrying case.

    When it comes to quality assurance for our customers:  smaller really is better.

    160 00 13:  86 x 86mm - 2m cable

    160 00 18:  147 x 147mm - 2m cable

    Optional rails on the 160 00 18 model enable it to fit on any standard collimator on Rad&Flu equipment.

    Make sure your Piranha is complete!  The DAP Chamber is the essential accessory for your dental X-ray quality assurance kit.



    6 mGycm2/s - 1800 mGycm2/s
    0.6 mGycm2 - 1 kGycm2

    Exp. Uncertainty:

    ±6 % at reference conditions RQR5
    ±10 % RQR2 to RQR10

    Valid for:

    Exp time >100 ms
    RTI Chamber Adapter v.1.1.


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