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  • Magna 1 cc

    Magna 1 cc

    Designed Especially for Mammographic Measurements

    The Magna 1cc ionisation chamber is designed especially for mammographic dose and dose rate measurements. It also has an excellent energy response and can be used for radiographic applications. The Magna Ion Chamber is the ideal choice for two reasons; Evaluations of Magna chambers show an average response is within ± 1% over an extended mammography range of 20-40 kVp (HVL of 0.15 mm to 0.73 mm Al).

    All mammographic mean glandular dose tables are based on in air measurements. Magna's air equivalent construction makes it ideally suited for in air exposure measurements of mean glandular dose. The Magna 1 cc will be delivered in a durable case for its best protection.


    Art. No 9706100-00

    Ranges with Piranha and Cobia Flex
    (Chamber Adapter required)

    Dose Rate 0.25 mGy/s to 2.5 Gy/s 
    Inaccuracy ±6 % or ±0.025 mGy/s
    Energy dependence  Within ±1 % for HVL of 0.15 mm to 0,73 mm Al
      Within ±2 % for 20 to 150 kVp
    Construction  Air equivalent conductive plastic
    Sensitivity 38 nC/Gy or 0.33 nC/R
    Collecting Volume  1 cm3
    Ventage  Yes
    Leakage  <50 fA
    Typical Bias  300 V DC
    Window  Kapton conductive film + mylar protective film
    Cable length 2 m
    Connector  LEMO

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