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    RTI Chamber Adapter

    Ion Chamber Friendly

    With the addition of the chamber adapter, PiranhaCobia Flex and Cobia Sense owners have the choice to use ion chambers with their instrument. This feature has been optimized for use with CT and Mammo applications, but can of course be used for other applications. 

    Both Ocean and QA Browser supports measurements with chamber adapter and ion chamber. The chamber adapter will support most type of ion chambers with tri-axial cable. An adapter cable is required if the ion chamber is not equipped with a “LEMO type 0” connector used by RTI Electronics.

    The Chamber Adapter can be used with up to five different Ion Chambers. The chambers that we currently can offer are:

    Art. No 9730016-00


    RTI Chamber Adapter

    Specifications for the Chamber Adapter

    Current range    10 pA to 0.1 µA
     Inaccuracy ±2 % or ±1 pA
    Bias Voltage Output      +300 V, DC
    Connector to ion chamber Lemo triaxial connector
    Power source Rechargeable battery
    Battery life 10 hours
    Dimensions 120 x 60 x 35 mm
    Weight 240 g

    Download Brochure

    Size 470045 B

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