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    RTI Mover

    CT Dose Profiler in Motion

    In situations when the CT has a fixed patient table, the Mover helps the CT Dose Profiler to slide through the CT X-ray field at a constant speed. With the Mover from RTI, the full dose profile of any beam width can be measured, both free in air and in a phantom. This is perfect for cone beam CT (CBCT) where it is just as important as for normal CT to know that the width of the beam is correct due to the relatively high dose distribution.
    The RTI Mover “moves” the RTI CT Dose Profiler through any X-ray field at a constant speed.

    By moving the CT Dose Profiler through the beam, measurements of Axial scans (and basically any X-ray field) are possible.
    It creates an accurate and easily reproducible way for CT technicians to measure all interesting dose parameters, geometric efficiency and the true beam width FWHM of basically any scan length.
    With the CT Dose Profiler it takes less time and applications for the RTI Mover and CT Dose Profiler include: Cone Beam CT, O-Arm, Rotating C-Arms, synergy and OBI.

    Operating the Mover

    Orientation of the RTI Mover can be performed manually or through software via RTI’s X-ray QA program – Ocean. It can push or pull a dose detector through any X-ray field with a selected speed. Ocean can control both the CT Dose Profiler and the Mover simultaneously, as well as analyzing, saving and auto generating reports.



    How to – Free in air with RTI Mover, CTDP and Piranha

    In this instructional video we will show you how to carry out a free-in-air measurement using the Piranha together with the RTI Mover and CT Dose Profiler and the Ocean software. 

    This measurement will show the true thickness of the beam at the center of the CT and also present the geometric efficiency. For wide beams (over 40 mm) it is recommended to only measure free-in-air.


    How-to: CTDI with CT Dose Profiler and RTI Mover 

    This instructional video will guide you through the set up for a CTDI measurement using the Piranha together with the RTI Mover and CT Dose Profiler.


    Supported software Ocean Professional version 2013.01.14.85 and later
    Dimensions base unit (L x W x H): 86 x 60 x 129 mm
    Weight 1.3 kg
    Force 5N
    Power source Battery, six 1.5 V batteries type LR6 (Size AA), alkaline or type HR6 chargeable NiMH.
    Power on/off Automatic
    Range 0–330 mm
    PC communication USB



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    Size 392758 B

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