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    Radiation/Light Field Analyzer

    The Visi-X measures the alignment between radiation and light field and is a proven concept in Quality Control and Service. It is a cassette shaped instrument for checking the light and radiation field coincidence for X-ray equipment. The Visi-X can also be used for checking of the centering of the bucky tray.


    Instant Visualization

    The Visi-X is based on a after-glowing phosphorus screen. Simply darken the X-ray room and place your Visi-X under the X-ray tube. Adjust the light field and make your exposure. The radiation field will immediately be visualized by the glow of the special phosphor compound. Misalignment down to ±1 mm will be clearly shown on the built-in scales (afterglow will last for several minutes.) No film is needed; therefore, no time is lost going back and forth to the film developer, if there is one.


    Protective Daylight Filter

    The phosphor is non-radioactive and is covered by perspex plates. A daylight filter protects the phosphor from accidental excitation from light sources. The lifetime expectancy of the phosphor is not affected by light or X-rays having an energy within the recommended range.

    Emission color Green
    Operating temperature 15 - 45 °C 
    Dimensions 320 x 276 x 11 mm (without daylight filter)
    Equivalent cassette size 24 x 30 cm
    Weight 1.4 kg
    Other Daylight filter, magnetic lock, ruler, documentation chart
    Option Carrying case


    Field positioning inaccuracy < ±0.5 mm
    Centering inaccuracy < ±0.5 mm
    Scale range  
    circular fields 5-6 cm diameter
    square fields 5 x 5, 10 x 10, 15 x 15 and 20 x 20 cm
    indicated deviation ±10 mm
    Scale inaccuracy ±0.1 mm
    Recommended output 130 µGy/mAs at 100 kVp and 75 cm S.I.D.
    Usable energy range 15 - 200 keV


    Article Nr: 9705001-00

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    Size 382738 B

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