RTI Light Probe

Measures the brightness on monitors with the same spectral response as the human Eye

The RTI Light Probe is designed to comply with the needs of QA in modern X-ray departments. With a monitor and a lux adapter, the Light Probe measures the brightness on monitors and film viewing boxes and the ambient light in the room. The Light Probe has the same spectral response as the human eye. That makes it reliable for all different types of measurements, independent of the light source. The spectral response complies with the CIE V(λ) curve.

Art No: 9730007-00

Light Probe

General Specifications

  • Type
  • Spectral Response
    CIE V(λ) (Photopic)
  • Field of view - Lux adapter
    180° (Cosine)
  • Field of view - Monitor adapter
    Ø 7 mm
  • Connector
    Hirose (Piranha, Cobia) with autmatic identification

Specifications with Piranha

  • Monitor, viewing box (Luminance)
    0.04 cd/m² - 128 kcd/m² (±5 % or ±0.008 cd/m²)
  • Ambient light (Illuminance)
    0.014 lx - 48 klx (±5 % or ±0.003 lx)

Specifications with Cobia

  • Monitor, viewing box (Luminance)
    0.2 cd/m² - 190 kcd/m² (±5 % or ±0.04 cd/m²)
  • Ambient light (Illuminance)
    0.08 lx - 70 klx (±5 % or ±0.02 lx)

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