RTI LoniMover™

CT Dose Profiling made simple

Due to the very wide beam and fixed table in Cone Beam CT, a detector must be moved very precisely through the beam to measure the right parameters.

This can easily be done with the help of the RTI LoniMover™, in combination with a Pencil Ion Chamber or a CT Dose Profiler.

Following the IEC standard IEC 60601-2-44 Ed. 3:A1, the Pencil Ion Chamber can accurately and reproducibly measure the full CTDI for Cone Beams, and with the CT Dose Profiler, you will get the FWHM, Geometric Efficiency, and full CTDI with only one measurement through the beam.

You can move a detector through any beam no wider than 300 mm. This is ideal to measure on Cone Beam CTs, which are CTs with beam width wider than 40 mm.

Sweep or Step mode

In combination with the RTI CT Dose Profiler, it can push the detector through any X-ray field with a selected speed to measure the full dose profile and all interesting parameters, like FWHM and full CTDI.

The RTI LoniMover™ can also use Step mode. This involves moving a Pencil Ion Chamber through the beam in exact steps, according to standard IEC 60601-2-44 Ed. 3:A1, to get accurate measurements and cover up to 400 mm.

Connect with Bluetooth® or cable, and it also has its own trigging device to start the movement, measurement, and the CT at the same time for smooth capturing of the results!


The RTI LoniMover™ comes with LoniCT software to handle the operation. The LoniCT software works stand alone with an RTI Cobia FLEX or Cobia SENSE to record measured data as well.

LoniCT software also operates simultaneously with the RTI Ocean software so you can gather all your measured data in your sessions, as well as analyzing, saving, and autogenerating full reports.  With this solution, you can use the LoniMover™ with a Piranha and other tools from RTI.

Art. No: 9730030-00


LoniTech AB

Website: www.lonitech.se
Location: Luleå, Sweden


  LoniMover™ v4 User Manual from LoniTech >

Additional LoniTech LoniMover™ documents can be found here >

RTI LoniMover™ Specifications


  • Range
    Up to 300 mm
  • Speed
    7.5 - 200 mm/s
  • Speed accuracy
    better than ± 0.2 %
  • Position accuracy
    better than ± 0.1 mm


  • Communication
    USB 2.0 and Bluetooth®
  • Software platform
  • Software (included)
    LoniCT (Windows)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    410x48x70 mm
  • Weight
    850 g
  • Force
    <20 N
  • Power
    12 VDC, 5 W (6 W peak)


  • Storage temperature
    -20 °C - 50 °C / 0 °F - 120 °F
  • Operating temperature
    normal indoor tempratures

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