1 December 2019


As part of our major rebrand, we have taken important steps to provide a better product portfolio for X-ray QA work.

We have fulfilled another long-term goal of software and wireless support for all instruments. Our Cobia models now have Bluetooth, and are therefore wireless and can be used with Ocean software. Cobia Smart and Dental will also have the Ocean Connect license included, as standard, like Cobia Flex and Cobia Sense have today.

The Piranha now comes in five modality models – Multi, R/F, CT, Mammo, CT and Dental – and our Cobia range now has four models providing QA in CT, R/F and Dental.

To allow measurement on the new CBCT systems, we have extended the Cobia dental model kV range up to 125 kV.


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Who we are

RTI is a world-leading manufacturer of quality assurance (QA) solutions for diagnostic radiology.  In 1981, RTI invented the first X-ray QA systems and since then, innovation has been at the heart of our corporate philosophy.  Our comprehensive independent QA solutions allow medical physicists and service engineers across the world to ensure that X-ray units in all modalities are optimized and safe.  RTI’s X-Ray QA hardware and software are used by hospitals, manufacturers of X-ray equipment, service companies and government authorities worldwide, across all different modalities, including R/F, dental, CT, mammography, interventional and surgery (C-arms).  With design, manufacturing and calibration services carried out in Sweden, RTI has sales offices in America, Asia and Europe and is represented by up to 100 distributors worldwide.   For more information, visit www.rtigroup.com.