Here you find the latest versions of all software applications by RTI. If you need an older version, please contact .

Important Information about  Ocean Crash!

Microsoft recently sent out an update for Office365/AccessDatabase, which contains a bug that causes applications that uses AccessDatabase to stop working.

You can read more about this bug here.

This have caused Ocean to stop working for some customers.
The error is displayed as an message in Ocean with various messages such as “Query ” is Corrupt”, “Catastrophic Error”, etc.

A quick solution is to reinstall the Access Runtime Libraries.
The runtime can be downloaded here:
Download, extract and install the drivers and Ocean should work again.
If you still experience any issues, please contact support at

An instruction for the update is available in the Product Note: PN_Ocean_006 Access Database Failure

Software Downloads

Piranha, Cobia and Ocean (latest release)

Release date: 2019-12-01
Software version: 2019.12A

Download Release >

This release includes updated graphics, DAP support for Cobia, support for new RTI CT Ion Chamber, new k-factors for CT-units, bug fixes and full documentation for Ocean, Piranha and all accessories.

Product Note 2019.12A Ocean >
Product Note 2019.12A Cobia >
Product Note 2019.12A Piranha >
Product Note 2019.12A Compatibility Chart >

Note: If your company uses their own validated version of Ocean Software, please contact your Tool Manager, or e-mail RTI Group at , prior to download.

Nova Software

Release date: 2010-02-10
Software version: 1.3H w. digital image analysis

Download Release >

Note: The Nova software does not need to be installed, but can run directly from a USB stick.

1. Download the file below and unzip the file. If asked, select to retain the folder structure.
2. Connect your Nova USB stick to your computer.
3. Copy the files from the extracted folder to the Nova USB stick, and choose to overwrite the existing files and folder.
4. When the field have been copied, please eject the USB stick (right-click on the stick in the file explorer or click on the USB icon in the Windows task bar).
5. Disconnect the USB stick. The software update is now completed. 

QA Browser for Barracuda and Red Piranha

Software version: v4.3B

Download Release >

QA Browser for Barracuda and Red Piranha.

QA Browser for Black Piranha

Software version: v5.1B

Download Release >

QA Browser for Black Piranha

Ocean Central

Release date: 2016-05-23
Software version: 1.0E

Download Release >

Note: You will need a License Key for downloading the Ocean Central Setup. The key can be found at the Ocean Central CD or inside the program (go to “setup-tab” click “enter license key” click “next” and you’ll find the main license key).


Software version: 4.x

Download Latest Release (from >

Feature release of LoniCT software from Lonitech.

More information and User Manual, see

Barracuda and Ocean

Software version: 2013.12C

Download Release >

Piranha, Cobia and Ocean (PTB Release)

Software version: 2017.8C

Download Release >

This release is the latest available PTB Certified Ocean Release.

Product Note 2017.8C Ocean >

Piranha, Cobia and Ocean

Software version: 2018.2A

Download Release >

Product Note 2018.2A Ocean >

Piranha, Cobia and Ocean

Software version: 2018.7B

Download Release >

Product Note 2018.7B Ocean >