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GE MA Test Point Cable


7 May 2020

Following the recently released RTI CT Ion Chamber 10 & 30 cm and the GE mAs Test Point Cable, RTI’s research and development program continues its success with the general mA Test Point Cable.

The cable is made for special mA accuracy tests for AMX-4, Optima, Jedi, Fluoroscan, and a number of other generators.

In some X-ray machines, access to normal mA sockets for invasive mA measurement is not readily available. After testing with an oscilloscope to measure the voltage at specific test points, and using scale factors to find the actual mA, it was determined that an RTI Piranha, with a specialized cable, could perform the same measurement as an oscilloscope.

Not only does the mA Test Point Cable provide a quick, invasive way to measure mA and mAs accuracy on X-ray equipment, via mA/V-test points in the generator, it also saves a lot of time since there is no need to use an oscilloscope for setting up, configuring, triggering properly, calculating proper values, etc. All that is needed is to connect the leads to test points and use with the Piranha meter and Ocean software.


The cable costs 990 EUR/1190 USD, and it includes the following accessories:

  • Cable set BNC female & 4mm banana plugs
  • Cable set BNC female & test clips (42 mm)
  • Flexible test clip BLACK 200mm for banana plug connection
  • Flexible test clip RED 200mm for banana plug connection
  • Extension cable BNC male to female L=10m
  • All available calibrations programmed


View the Probes and Accessories webpage, or contact your Area Sales Manager to find out more


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