Do you have old laptops or computers still working, but collecting dust in a cupboard?

Thanks to the foresight of our R&D colleague, Petty Cartemo, we are now supporting the excellent work of the award-winning, German charity Hey, Alter!, by donating our old computers to ensure students, who do not have their own, can continue their studies through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Based in 20 German cities and regions, Hey, Alter! collects old computers from companies, institutions, and households, to make them workable for students throughout the country who are not able to participate in e-learning or homeschooling.

To date, the charity has shipped 2245 computers, but much more is possible to achieve equal, educational opportunities.

If you wish to donate to Hey, Alter!, the computers provided should be as data-free as possible. The charity will remove all memory and install a new operating system before sending them to schools for distribution.

You can find out more on the charity’s website or Facebook page (search for: HEY ALTER – Alte Rechner für junge Leute).