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Measure CTDI for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT!


Together with the RTI CT Ion Chamber or CT Dose Profiler, the RTI LoniMover™ is, without a doubt, the easiest and most accurate way to measure CTDI and waveforms for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT. The LoniMover™ moves your measuring device in Sweep mode or Step mode:


  • In Sweep mode, the LoniMover™, together with the CT Dose Profiler, moves your measuring device at a constant velocity. You also get data for dose width with high reproducibility and high resolution.
  • In Step mode, the LoniMover™ and CT Ion Chamber give you well-defined positions.


For a smooth capture of results.


Campaign Offer LoniMover

We are now offering an exclusive discount for a kit with the LoniMover™, together with either the RTI CT Ion Chamber (top), including the Chamber adapter, or the RTI CT Dose Profiler (bottom).


Campaign price
4950 € / 5950 USD

Valid until 31 December 2022


Contact your local distributor or RTI Sales Team to find out more or to order your kit.


CTDP and Ion Chamber


The LoniMover™ is a successful cooperation between RTI Group and LoniTech AB.


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RTI Academy presents the CT Dose Profiler and the LoniMover™.

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