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  • “My summer job at RTI Group suited me perfectly”: a student’s experience

    Monday, 09 September 2019

     “My summer job at RTI Group suited me perfectly” :  a student’s experience

    For university students, a work placement can provide one of the best opportunities for acquiring key employment skills for a career after graduation, often in sectors they never considered.

    This summer, RTI Group Headquarters, Mölndal, had the pleasure of employing Alexander Hermansson, an electrical engineering student hired through the Gothenburg-based recruitment agency Temp-Team

    Alexander is in his final year at Högskolan Väst, a university college of 15,000 students located in the city of Trollhättan, southwest Sweden.

    Electrical engineering student, Alexander Hermansson

    “I specialise in electric power and before applying to Högskolan Väst I’d studied on a number of electrical courses,” he explained.

    Working with highly experienced colleagues in the Headquarters’ ‘Service Team’, Alexander was tasked with the calibration - upgrading units with all new beam qualities and modalities - of the company’s globally distributed X-ray Quality Assurance Piranha and Cobia units.

    “The atmosphere of the company was very welcoming, and the support I got from my co-workers was great,” he said.  Despite no previous experience with his new responsibilities, Alexander’s keenness to learn and interest in the work soon meant he was managing calibrations himself.  “But I could always ask for help when I needed it,” he added.

    Högskolan Väst Campus located in the heart of Trollhättan.  Photograph:  Högskolan Väst.

    Alexander’s enthusiasm and dedication to his tasks demonstrated the ‘work integrated learning’ ethos of Högskolan Väst, which involves students collaborating and cooperating closely with businesses and society through work experience while studying.  Consequently, it has resulted in an offer of work parallel to his studying.  “I think this is a fantastic offer!” he exclaimed. 

    With his graduation next year, he is considering returning to RTI as it’s “a great company to work for.   

    “If you are interested in electronics, doing a thorough job, meeting new people and doing a thorough job while learning more about an important industry, look no further than RTI.”

    Lake Öresjö, one of the scenic delights of Trollhättan.  Photograph:  Ewan.

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