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    Thursday, 19 September 2019

     (September 19, 2019)

    A celebratory fika last week marked the end of an era at RTI with the retirement of the company’s co-founder Lars Herrnsdorf.

    Since co-founding RTI in 1981 with Ulf Toll, now the Concept and Feature Leader, in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lars has worked ceaselessly in research and development for nearly 40 years to make the company a world-leading developer of instruments, accessories and software for Quality Assurance of X-ray diagnostic that it is today.

    With its world headquarters still housed in Gothenburg, RTI is now supported by subsidiaries in USA (Inc.), since 2005, and Singapore (Pte Ltd.) as well as a growing global distribution network in more than 80 countries. 

    Prior to establishing RTI, the two former Chalmers University students initially researched alternative power sources in response to the energy crisis of the late 1970s.  Through their study, a prototype mobile machine to evaluate wind power was successfully developed and demonstrated at their alma mater. 

    A hospital internship, though, was the catalyst for the world-class company we know today. 

    As an intern during his studies in radiation physics, from 1976 to 81, Lars learnt there were no effective methods to test the safety of X-ray machines.

    Using laborious, manual procedures at the time, it would have taken ten years to test all the operating machines in Sweden.  European Directives were also being passed to protect patients from the harmful effects of radiation. 

    Seeing a gap in the market and using the foresight they had demonstrated with their wind machine, Lars, Ulf and two other colleagues created the world’s first electronic device to successfully measure radiation levels in X-ray machines.  

    An entirely new industry in patient safety had been born.

    RTI co-founders Ulf Toll, left, and Lars Herrnsdorf

    Since 1981, the early models like the Digi-X, PMX-II and Mini-X to the most recent Red Piranha, Cobia and Black Piranha have become the standard-bearers of X-ray Quality Assurance.  Today, the Cobia and Piranha, in addition to Ocean diagnostic software, are globally sold in their thousands to major manufacturers of X-ray equipment, service organisations, hospitals and government authorities.  Even the Barracuda, developed in 1997, is still lauded by its users. 

    With his rich scientific knowledge and influential design and innovation, in 2013 Lars was employed by the Department of Medical Radiation Physics at Skåne University Hospital, Malmö.

    In 2018, he was awarded a long overdue Ph.D. in his hometown of Lund, southern Sweden, by the city’s prestigious university after completing his thesis about silicon CT/CBCT 4ᵑ dosimeters, SiPm and its applications.  Another first in an entirely new field of research! 

    The President of RTI Group, Fredrik Ljungberg, explained:  “While Lars will continue to work as a consultant for RTI, his full-time presence and guidance in the Mölndal headquarters will be sorely missed by all his colleagues. 

    “From all at RTI, we wish Lars a fantastic retirement, and we are extremely grateful for the decades of dedication and commitment of this unsung innovator in global radiation protection and X-ray Quality Assurance."

    Fredric Eliasson, VP Sales and Business Development, presents Lars Herrnsdorf with retirement gifts on behalf of the company

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