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  • RTI Webinar on February 19

    Monday, 11 February 2019

    On February 19, “RTI Group AB” will be hosting two, one-hour Webinars – 08:00 and repeated at 15:00 CET – for our Distributors, as part of RTI’s ongoing training and development programme.

    Within 24 hours of announcing this event, it received global interest from Colombia to New Zealand.

    Erik Wikström and Kenneth Walker, both highly experienced in sales and training, will be discussing the new price and product list for 2019, Key Account opportunities and the future online RTI Academy.  A Q&A is also part of the agenda.

    Distributors can register for one of the Webinars by e-mailing Ewan Waugh, Content editor, at ewan.waugh@rtigroup.com

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