Cobia FLEX R/F


The Cobia FLEX R/F is amazingly easy to use, and ideal for straightforward routine inspections. Measures all the X-ray output parameters: kV; Dose; Dose Rate; Time; Total Filtration; and HVL.

Comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity which makes it possible to use it together with the Ocean Next™ software on a laptop, PC, or Tablet.

The meter can be connected to all RTI probes available, such as dose probes, CT probes, mAs probes, and light probes.

Read about our pre-paid calibration and extended warranty.

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Cobia Flex R/F
Included: Internal display, internal rechargeable battery, micro-USB cable, power supply, Ocean Next™ software with Advantage license, documentation, Soft-Shell transport case, and Basic online training. Standard two-year warranty/calibration.
Cobia Flex R/F with mAs
Included: Internal display, internal rechargeable battery, mAs-cable, micro-USB cable, power supply, Ocean Next™ software with Advantage license, documentation, Soft-Shell transport case, and Basic online training. Standard two-year warranty/calibration.

As compact and flexible as X-ray QA can get

Quick and accurate Quality Control
For Rad/Fluoro as well as Intraoral and CBCT measurements, the Cobia FLEX R/F offers you the convenience to make your X-ray Quality Control as quick and accurate as possible. It is just as easy as the Cobia SMART, but with even more possibilities to help you to determine patient safety every day.

The meter not only has an internal detector but a detector input that offers the ability to connect different probes and ion chambers. There is also optional built-in mAs. The measured values can be read directly from the large and clear display and stored in the Cobia FLEX R/F to read later.

Cobia FLEX R/F users also have the possibility to use a PC or Tablet, save data to a computer, print reports, use analyses, and much more.


Ocean Next™ software
Our Ocean Next™ software exhibits Cobia’s capabilities and adds benefits that make the workflow more practical and simpler. The software makes it possible to perform remote X-ray QA measurements with your Cobia Flex R/F. You simply connect to your Cobia, via Bluetooth, or with a USB cable to your PC or Tablet, then measure!

With the addition of Ocean Next™ Professional, the Cobia FLEX R/F truly becomes an indispensable X-ray QA tool – offering a complete system for superior efficiency and compliance. Perform your QA work – be it sensitivity, kV ranges, or waveform types – automatically and without any worries.


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Cobia FLEX R/F key features

  • Easy to position, no position dependence
  • Large, rotatable display
  • Log/History function
  • Pulsed radiation analysis
  • Full Auto range for kV, TF, and Sensitivity
  • Built-in mAs (optional)
  • Plug n Play function
  • Bluetooth and USB communication
  • Solid-state detectors = no need to compensate for temperature and pressure
  • Built-in energy compensation
  • Can be used together with ion chambers
  • Automatic recognition of external probes
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Always free firmware upgrades
  • Up to ten-year warranty
  • Two-year Calibration Cycle

Cobia FLEX R/F - general specifications

  • Weight (approx.)
    280 g
  • Size
    140 x 78 x 28 mm³
  • Power source
    Int. battery / Ext. power supply
  • Battery life
    10 – 20 hours
  • Display
    Color, 320 x 240 pixel
  • Warranty
    Two years
  • Extended Warranty
    Up to ten years
  • Calibration Cycle
    Two years
  • Standard
    Complies with relevant parts of the standards IEC 61674 and IEC 61676 for dosimetric instruments
  • PTB Approval

Cobia FLEX R/F - measuring parameters

  • Tube volt.
    38 – 155 kVp (±2 %)
  • Time
    0,33 ms – 9999 s (±1 % or ±0.33 ms)
    3 – 9999 pulses
  • Dose
    70 nGy – 1700 Gy (±5 %)
    8 μR – 200 kR (±5 %)
  • Dose Rate
    2.5 µGy/s – 175 mGy/s (±5 % or ±25 nGy/s). 0.3 mR/s – 20 R/s (±5 % or ±2.5 μR/s). 17 mR/min – 1.2kR/min (±5 % or ±0.15 mR/min.
  • Auto Compensation
    All dose parameters are automatically compensated for using measured kVp and TF over their specified ranges.
  • HVL
    1.2 – 14 mm Al HVL (±10 % or ±0.2 mm)
  • Total Filtration
    1.0 – 90 mm Al (±10 % or ±0.3 mm Al)
  • Pulse frequency
    1/6 – 260 Hz (±1 %)
  • Dose/Pulse
    10 nGy/p – 600mGy/p (±5 %).
    1.1 μR/p – 66 R/p (±5 %)
  • Min. Exp. Time
    0.1 ms
  • Sensitivity
    67 nGy and 25 μGy/s or
    110 nGy and 2.5 μGy/s

Cobia FLEX R/F - Internal mAs (optional)

  • Ranges
    0.1mAs – 999 As
    1 – 930 mA.
    0.01 mAs/pulse– 999 As/pulse.
    1 – 930 mA/pulse.
  • Inaccuracy
    1 % or ±0.1 mA

Cobia FLEX R/F - Waveform

  • Sampling time
    83.33 – 3000 samples/s
  • Recording time
    7–130 s