Mako Legacy Module

Seamless use of probes.

The Mako Legacy Module connects the current range of Piranha and Cobia probes to the Mako System. It allows seamless use of your current favorite probes. The well-known RTI CT Dose Profiler and RTI Light Probe connect to the Mako System via the Mako Legacy Module.

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RTI CT Dose Profiler

A pioneer in measuring CT Dose RTI CT Dose Profiler probe for use with our Piranha, Mako, Cobia FLEX, or Cobia SENSE (with PC com). Used for the evaluation of CT and CBCT systems. The probe fits into standard phantoms used for CTDI measurements. One-shot accuracy The RTI CT Dose Profiler has taken CT quality [...]

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RTI Light Probe

Designed to comply with the needs of QA in modern X-ray departments The RTI Light Probe measures the brightness on monitors with the same spectral response as the human eye. With a monitor and a lux adapter, the RTI Light Probe measures the brightness on monitors and film viewing boxes and the ambient light in [...]

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RTI Dose Probe

For low dose rate measurements The RTI Dose Probe is an external dose probe designed to perform very low dose rate measurements, for instance, on image intensifiers. The probe is very small to avoid or minimize interference with AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) on X-ray equipment. This also enables it to fit into the table bucky. [...]

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RTI T20 Dose Probe

Use anywhere in the X-ray field The RTI T20 Dose Probe is a solid-state detector dedicated to measurements on Rad/Fluoro systems when it is crucial that the detector itself does not have any effect on the system output or disturb the X-ray beam. It was developed for measurements of the patient entrance dose (skin dose) [...]

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The simple way of invasive measurements The RTI MAS-1 is an invasive probe for the measurement of mA and mAs. Together with Piranha or the Cobia SENSE, direct reading of mA and mAs, as well as waveform, are obtained. The probe connects to the mAs socket in the X-ray generator and to the multimeter. It [...]

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The simple way of non-invasive measurements The RTI MAS-2 probe is a clamp-on probe for the non-invasive measurement of mA (tube current) and mAs. Safe and easy to use. The probe is simply clamped onto the high voltage cable and then ready for measurements. No connection inside the X-ray generator is needed! Together with your [...]

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