Mako PI Dongle

Connect it to any Ion Chamber.

The PI Dongle is used together with any Ion Chamber (CT Chamber, DAP Chamber, Magna Chamber …) to be connected to the Mako system (using the Ion Chamber Module).
The PI dongle contains all information about the chamber; serial number, type, calibration factors, calibration date and more …
The dongle is used together with the Ion Chamber Module to compensate for both temperature and pressure, thus improving all Ion Chamber measurements.
One dongle is needed for each Ion Chamber.

All Ion Chambers from RTI now come in two versions: one for Piranha & Cobia and one for Mako.
In the Mako versions, the PI Dongle is included and attached to the Ion Chamber cable.
The PI Dongle is also preprogrammed with all chamber info.

Customers with existing Ion Chamber must purchase a separate PI Dongle for each Ion Chamber. When ordering separate PI Dongles, please share ion chamber information with RTI to preprogram to the dongle.

All prices include freight cost.

Prices do not include applicable taxes or customs fees. Please check your local import requirements.

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