Mako R/F

Mako R/F outpaces other tools with its high sensitivity.

For Radiography, Fluoroscopy, CT, and Dental (Intraoral & Panoramic).
The groundbreaking new Mako R/F Probe together with the Mako Base Unit offers industry-leading accuracy (±1.5 % kV measurement uncertainty) and sensitivity from lowest to highest dose rates. The unique design provides a no-fuss experience, with simple setup in the X-ray beam, flexible connection between Probe and Base Unit, and a small radiological footprint, perfect for measurement without affecting the AEC.

Included in the Mako R/F Kit: Mako Base Unit, Mako R/F Probe, Mako Holder & Stand, Mako Standard Shell Case, Mako Module cable, Charge and Communication cable, Ocean Next™ software with Advantage license, and Basic online training.

Standard two-year warranty, and two years myBox subscription.
Read about our pre-paid calibration and extended warranty.

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Step into a realm of automated data-driven excellence.

Beyond the hills of spreadsheets, Ocean Next™ awaits. Step into a world of streamlined routines and complete traceability. With our pre-defined templates, you will always hit the ground running, fueling seamless collaboration.
Ocean Next™ gathers data in real time from Mako and its probes.

Think forward.

Mako is your future-proof and ever-evolving solution. With its multi-modal design and continuous innovation, it grows with new functions, additional probes, and an ever-broader application range. Mako will always be the best at hand.

One meter, all parameters.

In a field demanding versatility and accuracy, Mako us not just a tool; it’s your complete tool belt. It is bucky-sized, cable-free, and designed for multiple uses. It outpaces other tools with its high sensitivity, perfect for swift pulsating measurements, delivering precise maximum values in the fastest way available.

  1. Orientation independent. Place in the X-ray beam in any ­orientation.
  2. Auto-configuration. The display adapts to connected meter.
  3. One-click reporting. Generates fully traceable reports ­automatically.
  4. Double the power. 20-hour battery life in practical ­measurements.
  5. Made to measure. Spans the widest range, from 18-155 kVp.
  6. Top practical accuracy. kVp accuracy ±1.5%. Unique in the market.
  7. Superior dynamic range. From lowest to highest dose rates.
  8. Sleek and sensitive. Advanced detector design with 0.9 mm sensor.
  9. Broadest ever application range with modular, future proof design.
  10. Wireless as standard. Integrated Bluetooth for seamless data streaming.
  11. Multi modal tool. Including non-invasive mAs (MAS-2) and DAP chamber.
  12. Standard flexibility. Choose the configuration that suits your needs.
  1. Size Mako Base Unit 117.5 x 73 x 23.5 mm (4.63 x 2.87 x 0.93 in)
    Weight Mako Base Unit 250 g (8.82 oz)
    Enhanced battery life Up to 20 hours intense measurement
    Wireless as standard 100 m Bluetooth range
    Exposures needed for measurement One
    Memory Unlimited (via Mako display)
    Warranty 2-year (industry leading)
    Calibration Cycle 2-year (industry leading)
    Extended Warranty Program 10-year (industry leading)
  2. Size R/F Probe 122.5 x 28 x 14.5 mm
    (4.82 x 1.1 x 0.57 in)
    Weight 55 g (1.94 oz)
    Exposures needed for measurement One
    Standard measurement parameters kVp, dose, dose rate, HVL, TF, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse
    Waveforms Simultaneous kV and dose rate
    kV Range 35 – 155 kV
    kV Uncertainty ±1.5 %
    Dose Range 1 nGy – 9999 Gy
    Dose Uncertainty ±5 % or 5 nGy
    Dose Rate 1 nGy/s – 500 mGy/s
    Dose Rate Uncertainty ±5 % or 1 nGy/s
    Dose Rate Trigg Level 25 nGy/s
    HVL Range 1-15 mm Al
    HVL Uncertainty ±5 % or 0.2 mm Al
    HVL Min Dose Rate 0.5 µGy/s