RTI Slit Camera

Focal spot measurements

Use RTI Slit Camera for X-ray focal spot measurements, to assure that the X-ray tube focal spot size is within acceptable limits.

The RTI Slit Camera can be rotated 90 degrees in the Slit Camera holder. This simplifies the length and width measurements since the slit only needs to be aligned once.

Fulfills the IEC standard 60336.


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RTI Slit Camera for focal spot

The Slit Camera, for X-ray focal spot measurement, comes with a stand with an adjustable rod. Optionally also a tilting device is available.

Camera with 90-degree rotation

The Slit Camera can be rotated 90 degrees in the holder. The 90-degree rotation simplifies the measurement of length and width measurements of the focal spot since the slit only has to be aligned once.

Tilting for mammography

The optional tilting device enables measurements where the reference position is not orthogonal to the image plane, which is normal in mammography.

  1. Only aligned once
  2. One slit for both width and length
  3. Ideal also for mammography
  4. For use with any image receptor
  1. Supporting standards IEC 60336
    Tube focal spot types Radiographic, CT, Mammographic, & Dental
    kV range 18 – 150 kV
    Enlargement factor E E = n/m, where: n = slit to detector distance m = slit to focal spot distance 0.8 – 5
    Measurement range 0.1 – 5 mm
    Slit holder size 97 x 34 x 6 mm
    Slit dimensions 10 µm (as defined by IEC 60336)
    Slit material Tungsten (W, 99.9 %)