Ocean Next™ Advantage software

Take advantage of Ocean Next templates


The Ocean Next™ Advantage software measures in seconds.

If you want a swift, intuitive application for routine controls, preventive maintenance testing, or a customized QA application with workflow, automatic tests, and traceability, our Ocean Next™ software provides you with ample options.

Plan your measurements in advance, create checklists, add information as a pop-up window, and include instructions to simplify the work for you and your co-workers using a streamlined user interface.

The software is compliant with all our Piranha and Cobia meters as well as the RTI Scatter Probe.


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Ocean Next™ Advantage software – Add-on*
* Select this article if your order includes a new RTI solution.
Ocean Next™ Advantage software – Add-on**
** Select this article if you are purchasing Ocean Next™ for an RTI solution you already have. Included: USB Stick, License Key, and User's Manual.

Single-page templates

Design a template that harmonizes with your desired workflow, i.e., select measured parameters, set values, and determine sequencing for optimum efficiency.


Built-in reporting in Ocean Next

Ocean Next™ software allows you to generate reports to improve documentation and compliance. You can also adapt the report format depending on the recipient, e.g., a summary with pass/fail or a comprehensive report with all collected data and waveforms.

Customized tests and analyses

The built-in analysis features give you instant pass/fail information as soon as the test is completed.

  1. Single-page templates
  2. Advanced Excel® connection
  3. User-defined tests and checklists
  4. Reporting
  5. CT Dose Profiler support
  6. Analysis with pass/fail limits


Measure CTDI for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT   Due to the very wide beam and fixed table in Cone Beam CT, a detector must be moved very precisely through the beam to measure the right parameters. This can easily be done with the help of the RTI LoniMover™, in combination with a Pencil [...]

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CTDI Phantom Set

Adapt the size of the phantom   RTI offers two different CTDI Phantom sets. Choose two (2) or three (3) parts. Both have nested modules to allow adaptation to the size required by the selected user protocol.     [...]

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Piranha Panoramic Holder/Vertical Holder v.4

Attach your Piranha vertically   The Piranha Panoramic Holder/Vertical Holder v.4 is designed for attaching the Piranha DENTAL meter to dental panoramic equipment or vertical mounting. It can be mounted with an adjustable strap or magnets. [...]

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10" Tablet PC 

Connect wirelessly!   Microsoft Surface Go 3 10″ Tablet PC display for wireless or USB communication with the Piranha and Cobia meters. The portable tablet comes with a detachable keyboard, Windows 11 Home, installed Ocean Next™ software, built-in Bluetooth, a charger, and all necessary items to make it a user-friendly & [...]

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