17 July 2020

RTI Service:  Calibration, Repair, and Upgrade.

Our reputation as the market-leading provider of X-ray QA solutions is built on our commitment to you.

We asked how we can improve your experience with RTI Service, and these were your suggestions:

  • More customer-focused forms.
  • Streamlined, simplified, easy-to-use forms with fewer choices to make.
  • Self-explanatory names (Calibration & Check instead of Reg./Adj./Cal. and Calibration).

These are the results:

  • One Service Form (including Calibration, Upgrade, and Repair) for Piranha and Cobia.
  • One Service Form for all other products.
  • Upgrade packages are now Modality or Feature focused.

Simple?  We think so.

You may notice that we’ve removed some articles and merged others, but please be assured that there have been no price changes and normal percentages remain the same!

To view and download the new forms, or for more information on how these improvements can help you to help your customers, please visit the RTI Service page.

RTI Service can be contacted at Headquarters or in the US.