1 December 2019

To remain at the cutting-edge of X-ray QA, RTI has heavily invested in the research and development of its Ion Chamber model to create the RTI CT Ion Chamber.

After undergoing months of rigorous testing, the ‘CT Ion Chamber’ has been launched amid much fanfare at the ongoing RSNA trade show in Chicago, IL, where attendees from across the world have already placed orders for this sought-after equipment.

Lee Evans, RTI Global Manager & Partner Sales, explained, “RTI was the first company to successfully use solid-state technology in X-ray quality assurance, and we have always pushed the advantage of this technology.

“To celebrate our rebrand, we decided that RSNA was the ideal time to launch a solution that we are extremely proud of.”

The CT Chamber is a 10cm type of ion chamber, compatible with the RTI Chamber Adapter, and can be used with the Piranha and Cobia and with the older RTI Barracuda and Solidose 400.

RTI prides itself on consistently providing different solutions that have worked well for our customers, and we believe the improved CT Ion Chamber will provide years of reliable service.

  RTI CT Ion Chamber Detector Data >

Who we are

RTI is a world-leading manufacturer of quality assurance (QA) solutions for diagnostic radiology.  In 1981, RTI invented the first X-ray QA systems and since then, innovation has been at the heart of our corporate philosophy.  Our comprehensive independent QA solutions allow medical physicists and service engineers across the world to ensure that X-ray units in all modalities are optimized and safe.  RTI’s X-Ray QA hardware and software are used by hospitals, manufacturers of X-ray equipment, service companies and government authorities worldwide, across all different modalities, including R/F, dental, CT, mammography, interventional and surgery (C-arms).  With design, manufacturing and calibration services carried out in Sweden, RTI has sales offices in America, Asia and Europe and is represented by up to 100 distributors worldwide.   For more information, visit www.rtigroup.com.

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