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Let’s work together
to ensure X-ray
safety and quality

What we do matters. To patients. To professionals. To us.
It is more than algorithms, technology, and design.
It is about setting the standard for quality assurance of X-ray imaging.



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A vital detail in the big picture, making a huge difference

RTI Group is a world-leading manufacturer of X-ray testing and QA solutions.


In 1982 we launched the DIGI-X, the first X-ray QA system for diagnostic radiology. Since then, innovation has been at the heart of our corporate philosophy, and we have pioneered many QA procedures. We continue to invest heavily in R&D to push forward the very edge of X-ray QA, across all modalities.

Longer and more active lives, combined with a string of new examination techniques, have made diagnostic radiology the most widely used medical imaging technology. Diagnostic imaging growth can be seen throughout the healthcare sector, including orthopedic and vascular imaging, plus full-body scanning. This will be a continuing trend, thanks to a shift in focus to more advanced healthcare globally.

As X-ray examinations increase, there is a higher risk of patient and staff exposure to levels of X-ray radiation that could result in negative health implications. As a long-standing member of, among others, IEC, AAPM, and MITA, we are proud to participate in work to research, develop and evolve diagnostic radiology standards. A key company-wide goal is also to educate customers and partners, sharing our deep knowledge of X-ray QA best-practice to protect patients and staff in an ever more complex operational environment.

Our QA solutions are used worldwide by hospitals, manufacturers of X-ray equipment, service providers, and government authorities, across all different modalities, including Rad/Fluoro, Dental, CT, Mammography, interventional, and surgery (C-arms).

Today, we are represented globally through offices in Europe, the USA, and Asia, as well as by 100 distributors worldwide.


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Fredrik Ljungberg President RTI Group

A message from the RTI Group President Fredrik Ljungberg


“We are committed to offering world-leading solutions for Quality Assurance and testing in X-ray diagnostics. In addition to multimodality hardware products, we offer software applications to conduct quick and simple measurements to advanced physics. We believe in long-term collaborations with partners and customers, and so, for example, we are reluctant to close down product lines and instead continue to offer upgrade paths. This makes us unique!”

Fredrik Ljungberg, President RTI Group


Our founders, Lars Herrnsdorf and Ulf Toll, developed one of the first non-invasive kVp meters in the world while students at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.


▪ Lars and Ulf formed
Innova Electronics.
The beginnings of RTI!
▪ ‘Innova’ produced the first commercial wind speed meter.


▪ After a company name change, RTI Electronics AB. was founded.
▪ In 1982, the Digi-X was launched – a state-of-the-art QC and first commercially available X-ray multimeter to measure non-invasive kV.


RTI signed its first distributor agreements to export the Digi-X.
The multimeter was delivered until 1995.


Mini-X was launched as the first self-contained kVp/time meter.


RTI exhibited at RSNA Chicago for the first time.


The PMX-II was introduced as the first all-in-one meter to measure both Rad and Mammo.


▪ oRTIgo unveiled as the first X-ray QA software to automatically collect data, perform analysis, and create a report.
▪ PMX-III launched - the first X-ray multimeter to use a solid-state detector for dose measurements.


The Solidose 100/200 was introduced as the first dosimeter to use both solid-state and ion chambers.


▪ Visi-X, the first film-less radiation/light field analyzer was launched.
▪ MAS-2 unveiled. It was the first non-invasive mAs probe for X-ray QA.


▪ The Solidose 300 digital dosemeter was introduced.
▪ The first light probe connects directly to an X-ray Multimeter.


RFM, the first electronic focal spot measuring device, was launched.


oRTIgo for Windows operating system was released.


The Barracuda platform was launched, with the first systems shipped to AGFA Healthcare Corporation, Greenville, SC, USA. It was the first X-ray multimeter to measure kVp, dose, dose rate, time, dose/pulse, pulse rate, mA, mAs, TF, and HVL in one exposure, on all modalities!


▪ The mAs-3 was launched. It is the first non-invasive mAs probe to measure low currents during Fluoro.
▪ The last PMX-III was delivered.
Many still come in for recalibration 20 years later.


The Barracuda became the first wireless X-ray platform.
We still receive these distinctive red units for service and calibration.


▪ A US office opened in New Jersey – RTI Group Inc.
▪ We introduced the world’s first commercial tool to measure dose profiles with helical scans – the CT-SD16.


The Red Piranha platform with integrated modules and detectors, supported by the new Windows-based oRTIgo software package.


We introduce the world’s first transparent detector for AEC measurements, the T-20, and also introduce the rotation symmetrical and angle independent point dose detector CT Dose Profiler to replace the CT-SD16.


The first release of our trademark Ocean™ X-ray QA software, replacing oRTIgo.


The Cobia platform was launched to facilitate X-ray Quality Control.


The Black Piranha premium platform for complete X-ray QA was introduced.


Since its launch in 2001, over 1500 Barracuda units had been delivered.


Ocean Quick Check was released; a simpler software application targeting Service Engineers.


We open APAC market operations in Singapore – RTI Group APAC.


RTI Academy launched, providing online and classroom training to meet the X-ray QA needs of our customers, networks, and partners.


▪ At the RSNA Chicago Annual Meeting, held in December, a major company rebrand with a new logo, website, and solutions design were unveiled.
▪ During the year, all Cobias, thus all RTI meters, became wireless.
▪ We launched our own CT Ion Chambers (10 cm & 30 cm).


RTI Group Europe was established with offices in London and Bournemouth, UK.


▪ RTI celebrates 40 years since its establishment and the design of the DIGI-X, the first commercially available X-ray Multimeter to measure non-invasive kV.
▪ The RTI Scatter Probe and Ocean Next™ software were released. In December, the RTI Academy classroom was completed and ready for onsite training.

2022 and beyond

▪ The 40th anniversary of the launch and sale of the RTI DIGI-X meter. A milestone in the history of X-ray safety and QA.
▪ On 10 January, the RTI Academy classroom was officially opened and welcomed its first students.


Fredrik Ljungberg

President RTI Group

Professional background: Fredrik Ljungberg is the President of RTI Group since 2014. Previously, he has held positions such as CEO at Diadrom and CEO at Apprecia.

Educational background: Ph.D. in Informatics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Elin Sahlberg

Chief Financial Officer

Professional background: Elin Sahlberg was appointed CFO at RTI Group in 2018. She has previously held positions such as Global R&D Controller at ESAB and Financial Manager at Labgruppen.

Educational background: M.B.A. at Linköping university, Sweden.

Fredric Eliasson

Vice President Business Development

Professional background: Fredric Eliasson has been with RTI Group since 2014. His previous positions include VP Sales at RT labs, VP Sales at Diadrom Holding, and Director of Engineering at Telelogic.

Educational background: B.Sc. in Information Systems, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Lee Evans

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Professional background: Lee Evans has been at RTI for three years having previously managed the company’s sales channels in Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

Educational background: BSc (Hons), Diagnostic Radiography at the University of the West of England, UK.

Certificate in Management, the Open University Business School.

Fredrik Brorson

Vice President Solutions

Professional background: Fredrik Brorson joined RTI in 2016. He has previously worked at GE, where he had titles such as Modality Service Leader at GE Healthcare UK Ireland and Northern Europe.

Educational background: Graduated from GE Leaders for the Future program in 2007. Also attended GE Crotonville, NY, Leadership foundations in 2010, and Crotonville, managing at GE in 2014.


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