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Setting the standard for the Quality Assurance of X-ray imaging.

Not only do we see it as our responsibility to develop and deliver environment-friendly and high-quality products to you, but we would also like to ensure that our products fulfill the requirements of governments and the industry. We want to guarantee high-quality solutions and reliable calibrations.

As an accredited laboratory, we are regularly reviewed to ensure that our calibration skills are maintained. It provides third-party assurance that RTI Group has the quality management system to ensure all our calibrations are consistent and of the highest quality. This accreditation is a guarantee that our assignment is carried out impartially, fairly, and based on internationally accepted standards.

We are proud of these achievements, and for what they mean to our users and customers.

Certifications & Approvals

Swedac Ackred
PTB certification
AAA certification bisnode
ANAB certifications
ANAB Accredited
Patent for CT Dose Profiler