24 March 2020

To improve the easiness of CTDI measurements, RTI developed and launched its own CT Ion Chamber 10 cm in December 2019 at the RSNA trade show in Chicago, IL.  Since then, RTI has developed a 30 cm ion. 

The 10 cm ion chamber is intended for measuring and monitoring the exposure output level of CT scanners in a phantom or free-in-air.  The 30 cm ion chamber has been specially developed for free-in-air measurements on wide beam CT scanners – when the beam width is 4 cm or wider. Both models perform with perfect energy dependence and the highest sensitivity.

In his recent EFOMP article, Sören Sturesson, Product Specialist and Technical Manager Calibrations at RTI Group and chief designer of the new ion chamber, describes how using a Chamber with an optional Lonitech LoniMover increases the accuracy and efficiency in positioning.  In addition, the Chamber’s rubber O-rings make the positioning in the CTDI phantom safe and precise; its length and the flat ends match the edges of a 150 mm wide CTDI phantom for perfect positioning.

We pride ourselves on consistently providing different solutions that have worked well for our customers,” said Sören.

Find out more about the RTI CT Ion Chamber by visiting the Probes and Accessories webpage or by downloading the brochures from here.

Sören’s article – CT Ion Chamber design for high precision and low uncertainty – can be found on p.37 of the Spring 2020 EFOMP newsletter.

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