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RTI CT Ion Chamber


5 May 2020

To guarantee our new QA solution is safe and precise for our customers, the RTI CT Ion Chamber 10 cm was rigorously tested at a US-based, globally-respected public research university and by Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, one of the world’s foremost medical universities.

Sören Sturesson, Product Specialist and Technical Manager Calibrations at RTI Group and chief designer of the new ion chamber explained: “Over the years we have learned a lot, and made efforts with various suppliers to get hold of a high-quality chamber that is durable and has a flat energy response.

“When no one could deliver exactly what we were looking for, and the timing was right, we finally developed our own chamber.”

The results we recently received were as we expected – excellent.

The Karolinska Institute praised the ease of use with the CTDI Phantom, highlighting the ion chamber’s large diameter (12.6 mm) which stabilizes the chamber in the Phantom. There is no need for an adapter to match the diameter of the holes. Stability is also achieved by the rubber O-ring design.

In measurement tests conducted by another globally-respected medical institute in the USA, using a Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash CT scanner, the RTI CT Ion Chamber proved to be the best on the market by displaying better stability than competitor chambers – 0% difference – in its standard deviation.

Our excellent measurements had one tester commenting that after 40 years of using RadCal, they will now start using the RTI CT Ion Chamber!

“We have a CT Ion Chamber to offer our customers that we can really be proud of,” said Sören, after receiving the test reports.

Elisabeth Öster, CTO at RTI, is also delighted with the performance of the RTI CT Ion Chamber: “The fantastic feedback shows the immense time and effort the R&D team put into creating an ion chamber, with perfect energy dependence and highest sensitivity, have really paid off.”


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