RTI supports all the essential and key workers keeping us safe through this Coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 is having an appalling effect on our social fabric, global trade and health.

In our line of business, we now see different initiatives to increase the uptime and usage of X-ray machines, used in the critical infrastructure and care pathway of diagnosing and treating COVID-19.

Global organizations, such as MITA, DITTA, and IAEA, are all contributing their expertise, resources and skills to tackle the challenge we all face. They are also in dialogue with government bodies and authorities that review medical imaging devices.

For our part, we see RTI solutions and products used in supporting just this; repair, installation, and validation of X-ray machines.

Therefore, we have put together the Cobia Covid-19 Kit, based on the Cobia FLEX with mAs.  This kit includes the RTI Dose Probe and the MAS-2 probe.

With this kit in place, we have a tool for doing essential checks and measurements on all the vital X-ray machine used in the virus struggle e.g. X-ray systems, CT scanners, etc.

Please use article number 9762004-19 when ordering the Covid-19 Kit.

RTI Group will also commit to donate a few kits to various leading charity hospitals around the globe, as well as offering this kit to organisations connected to the WHO and the World Bank’s procurement initiatives of core COVID-19 equipment.

For further information and price about our Cobia Covid-19 Kit, please contact your Area Sales Manager.

Cobia FlexRTI Dose ProbeRTI MAS 2