The revolutionary RTI Scatter Probe at RSNA 2021!

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At last, you can be compliant! Measure scatter and leakage – according to IEC and CFR standards – by using a 10 cm² & 100 cm² detector area. A revolution within scatter and leakage detection.

The RTI Scatter Probe is a rugged, cutting-edge detector for scatter and leakage detection in X-ray environments. Its unique design – two separate detector areas of 10 cm² and 100 cm² – fulfills current regulations and standards for X-ray scatter and leakage measurements.

For barrier, scatter, and leakage measurements various industry standards apply, such as:
21 CFR 1020.32      21 CFR 1020.30      IEC 60601-2-3      IEC 60601-2-54      IEC 60601-1-3

Common for all these standards is that the measurement has to be made covering an area of 10 cm² or 100 cm² at a certain distance. The detector areas of the RTI Scatter Probe ensure full compliance with these standards.

The Scatter Probe is compatible with our industry-leading Ocean Next™ software suite.


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Compliant – measure scatter and leakage according to IEC and CFR standards by using a 100 cm² sensor. 

Use stand-alone or with another RTI solution.

Lightweight, robust, cutting-edge technology.

Piranha Multi 657

Compliant with the Piranha family of meters.

Cobia Flex

Compliant with the Cobia family of meters.

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The RTI Scatter Probe is available to order now!

For further information, download the RTI Scatter Probe leaflet.

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Since its launch, Ocean™ has been the market-leading software for X-ray QA, addressing customers’ needs all the way from Quick, for daily checks, to advanced QA with workflow, automation, and traceability in Professional in easy steps.

If you want a swift, easy-to-use application for routine controls, or a customized application with workflow, automatic tests, and traceability, the new Ocean Next™ software suite provides you with both options.

The software’s recognition and efficiency make it central to our X-ray solutions, and it is compliant with all our Piranha and Cobia meters as well as the new Scatter Probe.

You can plan the measurements in advance, create checklists, add information as a pop-up window for a specific exposure, and include instructions to simplify the work for you and your co-workers using a streamlined user interface.

Choose from three different license levels: Quick, Advantage, and Professional.

Ocean Next™ is prepared for Cloud Connections and enhanced services that will be launched in 2021!


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From daily use to advanced QA, choose from three different license levels: Quick, Advantage, and Professional.

  • Built-in display function
  • Save function
  • Basic report printing
  • Basic Excel connection
  • Advanced report printing
  • Advanced Excel connection
  • User-defined tests & checklists
  • Analysis with pass/fail limits
  • Reporting
  • CT Dose Profiler support
  • Single-page templates
  • Multi-page templates
  • Site database

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Video and classroom-based product and application training.

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Manager Training
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