Application Notes

Use the links below to download any of the available application notes for RTI solutions.

Product Notes
PN Pir 001 New 1 Phase Algorithm >
PN Pir 002 Compatibility Chart Public v2019.12A >
PN Pir 003 New HVLandTF Algorithms 1 Phase >
PN Pir 005 Piranha On Fujifilm Amulet Innovality v2015.12A >
PN Pir 006 Piranha On Hologic Mammography V2016.5a >

PN Acc 001 RTI Dose Probe vs Piranha Dose Probe >
PN Acc 002 RTI Light Probe Cleaning Instructions v2015.10a >
PN Acc 003 Effective Length CT Ion Chambers v2018.3A >
PN Cobia 002 Error When Chang External Probe >
PN Ocean2013 001 Use With Black Piranah hw5.x. Public >
PN Ocean 001 New s-factors AGD >
PN Ocean 002 New Generic k-factors >
PN Ocean 003 TP Correction Failure >
PN Ocean 004 XP Support Ends >
PN Ocean 005 External Dose Probe Failure >
PN oRTIgo 001 Use With Black Piranah hw5.x >

Piranha AMX 4 AN001 >
Piranha CT Cone Beam CT Solutions AN044 v2017.4a >
Piranha CT kV on Siemens CT AN052 >
Piranha CT kV with Piranha AN028 >
Piranha Dental kVp and Time AN016 >
Piranha HVL and TF AN011 >
Piranha Mammography Combo Mode Hologic AN043 >
Piranha Mammography Hologic Selenia And Selenia Dimension AN038c >
Piranha Mammography Initial kV Adjustment AN041 >
Piranha Mammography Measuring on Sectra Mammo Machine AN009d >
Piranha Mammography kV Small Focus on GE Senographe Crystal AN050 >
Piranha (Red) Mammography kV on IMS Giotto MoRh AN035 >
Piranha Mammography kV on IMS Giotto AN045b >
Piranha Mammography kV on Planmed Clarity WRh AN037c >
Piranha Mammography kV on Siemens Mammomat AN049 v2020.3>
Piranha Measuring Total Filtration AN014 >
Piranha Piranha on DynRAD Mobile Systems AN036 >
Piranha Quick HVL vs Traditional HVL Measurement With Piranha AN033 >

External Probes & Accessories
CT Dose Profiler CTDIw Using k-factor AN040 >
CT Dose Profiler Mammography Enegry Correction Factors for CTDP AN027 >

Chamber Adapter Ion Chamber Connectivity AN042 >

Dose Probe- Scatter and Leakage Measurements AN006 >
Dose Probe – Tomosynthesis Correction Factors for PDP R100B R100 AN026 >
RTI Dose Probe – Scatter and Leakage Applications AN048 >
Dose Probe Energy Correction Factors for R100B PDP AN010 >
Dose Probe Energy Correction for R100B PDP For Cu Filtration AN017 >
Dose Probe Mammography Energy Correction Factors for PDP R100B R100 AN025 >

RTI Light Probe – A Comparison of Luminance on Viewing Monitors AN047 >
External Probes – Terminology and Radiaton Qualities in RTI Detector Manager AN024 >
External Probes – Non-Invasive mA and mAs on GE Optima Mobile System – AN057 >

Ocean Traditional HVL in Mammography Using Ocean Quick Check AN039 >

RTI Mover Speed Calibration AN034 >
Barracuda Mammography AGD and Normalization AN002b >


Use the links below to download any of the available manuals for RTIs Products.

Piranha Reference Manual English v5.7a >
Piranha Quick Check Getting Started English v1.14a >
Piranha QuickCheck Handbuch Deutsch v5.5h >
Black Piranha On Pristina Quick Guide v2017.3d >
Declaration of Conformity Piranha >

Cobia Reference Manual EN v2019.12a >
Cobia Sense Users Manual EN v2019.12b >
Cobia Smart RF & Dental Users Manual EN v2019.12b >
Cobia Flex RF Users Manual EN v2019.12b >
Cobia Flex RF Bedienungsanleitung DE v2015.8a >
Declaration of Conformity Cobia >

Ocean 2014 Users Manual English v3.15a >
Ocean 2014 Reference Manual English v3.15a >
OceanCentral User Manual English v1.2a>

RTI Dose Probe Detector Data v2019.12a >
RTI CT Ion Chamber Detector Data v2019.12c >
DCT 10 and 30 Detector Data v2020.3a >
CT Dose Profiler Users Manual English v6.7a >
ChamberAdapter Users Manual English v1.6a >
Light Probe Manual v2019.12b >
MAS 1B Manual EN v3.0b >
MAS 2 Manual English v2019.12a >
RTI Dose Probe Flexi Stand v2019.12a >
Piranha Dose Probe Holder 1.0b >
Piranha OPG Holder Getting Started v4 2017.1a >
RTI DAP Chamber Quick Guide v2020.10a >
T20 Detector Data v2019.12b >
Tablet Asus 10 Inch Instruction v2017.3a >

RTI Slit Camera Users Manual EN 1.0b >
Visi X Manual v2017.5a >
Mover Users Manual English v2.3a >
Cobia Vertical Holder Getting Started v1.0 2016.11a >

> If you require any documents not listed, please contact your RTI Group ASM.