We believe in making sure people are safe and sound.

We make Quality Assurance (QA) solutions so X-ray modalities and facilities can be calibrated to deliver the highest image quality to the lowest dose.

With the growth in equipment brands, models, and technologies, it pays to choose a QA provider who can evolve with your needs.

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Our R&D department tracks the latest X-ray innovation and regulation, maximizing X-ray quality and compliance across a wider range of instrumentation than ever before.

The X-Ray QA portfolio we provide is dedicated kits and accessories for Dental, CT, Mammography, Rad/Fluoro, interventional, and surgery (C-arms). Most of our tools are designed to be multimodality, helping you to achieve time, efficiency, and cost savings by using the same QA tools across different X-ray systems and applications.

Our QA tools combine intuitively with Ocean software to provide simple-to-use features for a routine inspection, to highly customizable QA programs for deep analysis and record keeping.

Working across the full breadth of X-Ray technologies, we have developed a holistic set of tools and training to guide you, system by system. Simply put, we set the standard for QA in X-ray imaging.

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We offer complete solutions to your needs in X-ray QA.

Hardware: Our state-of-the-art meters, probes, and accessories give customers reliable cutting-edge technologies for QA. 

Software: The importance of dedicated software applications to conduct professional QA is increasing. Excel is flexible but not enough. Ocean Next™ software, for X-ray QA, addresses customer needs from daily checks in Quick to advanced QA with workflow, automation, and traceability in Professional

Content: Using the versatile customization features (“templates” and SDK) in Ocean Next™, we can adapt the application to your unique needs, thereby realizing superior efficiency and reliability. 

Process: QA service is very different from R&D that is very different from manufacturing. Therefore, dedicated solutions are an essential requirement for superior performance.

Training: To get beginners up to speed rapidly, but also to realize continuous learning and dedicated online and classroom training are needed. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge.

Calibration: Our leading calibration services, with a short turnaround time (ten working days) and a 24-month calibration cycle, make a difference. You will have more access to your QA equipment while at the same time getting your hardware up to date continuously.

Users: Medical physicists, service engineers, and other user types have different needs. Therefore, we have tailored our solutions.

Business Model: Some customers want to own the equipment, while others prefer leasing. One solution does not fit all.