Count on RTI’s Multi-Modality QA solutions to help you guarantee minimal radiation exposure to patients and staff, whilst maximizing diagnostic quality and X-ray equipment utilization and uptime.

Working across multiple modalities can mean dealing with different equipment brands, models and technologies on a daily basis. RTI’s tools provide workflow guidance designed to accompany you and your staff, throughout all the standard acceptance tests and regulatory checks. Our Ocean software provides automatic data collection that allows you to easily compare, reproduce and share measurement data. Our R&D department tracks the latest X-ray innovation and regulation, ensuring that RTI’s tools evolve with your needs.

A reliable, long-term partner from system commissioning to end-of-life, RTI provides you with the quality assurance tools and procedures to accompany your work as a professional. With many ease-of-use and time-saving features that simplify repetitive tasks, plus all the necessary measurement parameters covered… our QA tools work just as you would expect from a pioneer in X-ray QA measurement!