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    Take the chance and upgrade your existing Red Piranha Main Unit to a Black Piranha with all new beam qualities and modalities.

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    Brochure and Information

    Why choose RTI Service & Calibration labs
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    Service Brochure

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    Service Brochure



    Do you need help with calibration or reparation of your device? Follow the instructions below to send the device to our nearest service center.

    Service RTI Headquarters Sweden

    For recalibrations, repairs and upgrades outside Sweden and US please contact our local distributor in your country, they will guide you in your choice of calibrations, repairs and upgrades. For service/calibration issues in countries where RTI is not represented, please contact RTI Headquarters Sweden.

    RTI Group AB
    Service Department
    Flöjelbergsgatan 8C
    SE - 431 37 Molndal

    E-mail: service[at]rtigroup.com

    Daniel Toll +46 31 746 36 08
    Brendan Lawlor +46 31 746 36 18
    David Gustafsson +46 746 36 03

    Service US Office

    For recalibrations, repairs and upgrades in the US there is no need to use the service document provided above.
    Simply use the Service Check List instead.



    RTI Inc. Service Check List


    RTI Electronics Inc
    Service Department
    33 Jacksonville Road, Building 1
    Towaco, NJ 07082

    E-mail: service.us[at]rtigroup.com

    Service Department:  973-439-0242 (option 2)



    Express Service

    It is important for us that you do not have to be without your instrument longer
    than necessary. In addition to the standard repairs and calibrations with a
    turnaround time of 10 working days (in-house), we also offer Express Service*,
    for additional 50% of the calibration or repair cost, with a typical turnaround time
    of 3 working days* (in-house).

    *Only available when booked in advance and only for a limited amount of slots per week.

    2-year Calibration Cycle

    RTI Electronics products have such a high measurement performance that the
    recommended calibration interval is as long as 24 months. This, together with
    the extended warranty program reassures you to trust your instrument and gives
    a low lifetime cost for you.

    Get the Best Warranty in the Market - 10 Years

    The RTI conditional Extended Warranty Program for Piranha and Cobia gives you
    up to 10-year warranty. Each product comes with a 24 month factory warranty.
    By joining the RTI Extended Warranty Program you will have the opportunity to
    increase your warranty 2 years at a time – up to 10 years.

    RTI Service Center

    At an RTI Service Center, we ensure that your instrument will always be returned
    to you with the latest firmware and updates so it retains its measurement perfomance.
    This, together with the extended warranty program reassures you to trust your
    instrument and gives a low lifetime cost.

    We Will Remind You

    To make it convinient for you we offer to keep track of when your instrument needs
    to be sent in for calibration. We will send you a reminder via e-mail two months before
    so you can plan your work and schedule the calibration in time. We will send the
    reminder to the e-mail you provided at purchase.

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