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  • Problem Solved!

    UPDATE 2016-01-08

    Problem Solved!

    Download the new release here.


    Note: The RTI Detector Manager and RTI Updater still requires USB connection.



    Bluetooth Issues on Windows 10 with Ocean!

    For the moment it is not recommended for our Ocean users to upgrade to Windows 10. For some, yet unknown, reason the Bluetooth communication doesn’t work. USB seems to work even if no complete validation has been done yet.

    We are working on the issue and we will soon have a solution. We have seen on the internet that many others have Bluetooth problem with Windows 10.
    We will keep you posted, as soon as we have more information we will add it here.



    UPDATE 2015-09-24

    Solution of the Bluetooth Issue on Windows 10

    We have developed a patch that fixes the Bluetooth issue with Windows 10 on Ocean.
    The patch will be available on request only.
    It is still not recommended to upgrade to Windows 10, if you want to run the Ocean software properly.

    To request the patch – send an email to support@rtigroup.com


    Note: The patch installs a beta version of Ocean 2014, it is not an official version. It has been tested but not been through our normal verification/validation process.

    The official release date of the updated software is set to 2015-12-04 2016-01-07.


    UPDATE 2015-09-03

    Solution around the corner

    We have made good progress in finding a solution on the Bluetooth issue. We estimate we will soon be able provide you with a fix. 

    Stay tuned.


    UPDATE 2015-08-25

    Ocean doesn’t support Windows 10

    Unfortunately Ocean doesn’t support Windows 10. Our research indicates that there is a bug in the Bluetooth Serial Profile of Windows 10. This is not confirmed by Microsoft.

    We keep working on solving the problem.


    Possible Workaround

    USB connection is a possible workaround if you already installed Windows 10 and need to run Ocean.

    Note! The very first time you start the Ocean software with a Piranha or Cobia connected, it will not connect. You need to start Ocean a second time.



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