Application Notes

Use the links below to download any of the available application notes for RTI solutions.

Piranha AMX 4 AN020 v2007a
Piranha Measurements with Tantalum AN058
Piranha CT Cone Beam CT Solutions AN044 v2017.4a
Piranha CT kV on Siemens CT AN052
Piranha CT kV with Piranha AN028
Piranha Dental kVp and Time AN016
Piranha HVL and TF AN011
Piranha Mammography Combo Mode Hologic AN043
Piranha Mammography Hologic Selenia And Selenia Dimension AN038c
Piranha Mammography Initial kV Adjustment AN041
Piranha Mammography Measuring on Sectra Mammo Machine AN009d
Piranha Mammography kV Small Focus on GE Senographe Crystal AN050
Piranha (Red) Mammography kV on IMS Giotto MoRh AN035
Piranha Mammography kV on IMS Giotto AN045b
Piranha Mammography kV on Planmed Clarity WRh AN037c
Piranha Mammography kV on Siemens Mammomat AN049 v2020.3
Piranha Measuring Total Filtration AN014
Piranha Piranha on DynRAD Mobile Systems AN036
Piranha Quick HVL vs Traditional HVL Measurement With Piranha AN033

External Probes & Accessories
CT Dose Profiler CTDIw Using k-factor AN040
CT Dose Profiler Mammography Enegry Correction Factors for CTDP AN027
Chamber Adapter Ion Chamber Connectivity AN042
Dose Probe- Scatter and Leakage Measurements AN006
Dose Probe – Tomosynthesis Correction Factors for PDP R100B R100 AN026
RTI Dose Probe – Scatter and Leakage Applications AN048
Dose Probe Energy Correction Factors for R100B PDP AN010
Dose Probe Energy Correction for R100B PDP For Cu Filtration AN017
Dose Probe Mammography Energy Correction Factors for PDP R100B R100 AN025
RTI Light Probe – A Comparison of Luminance on Viewing Monitors AN047
External Probes – Terminology and Radiaton Qualities in RTI Detector Manager AN024
External Probes – Non-Invasive mA and mAs on GE Optima Mobile System – AN057

Ocean Traditional HVL in Mammography Using Ocean Quick Check AN039

RTI Mover Speed Calibration AN034
Barracuda Mammography AGD and Normalization AN002b

Product Notes
PN Pir 001 New 1 Phase Algorithm v2013.11
PN Pir 002 Compatibility Chart Public v2019.12a
PN Pir 003 New HVLandTF Algorithms 1 Phase v2015.1
PN Pir 005 Piranha On Fujifilm Amulet Innovality v2015.12a
PN Pir 006 Piranha On Hologic Mammography v2016.5a
PN Acc 001 RTI Dose Probe vs Piranha Dose Probe v2014.8
PN Acc 002 RTI Light Probe Cleaning Instructions v2015.10a
PN Acc 003 Effective Length CT Ion Chambers v2018.3a
PN Cobia 002 Error When Chang External Probe v2015.4
PN Ocean2013 001 Use With Black Piranah hw5.x. Public v2014.4
PN Ocean 001 New s-factors AGD v2013.11
PN Ocean 002 New Generic k-factors v2014.8
PN Ocean 003 TP Correction Failure v2015.4
PN Ocean 004 XP Support Ends v2016.5
PN Ocean 005 External Dose Probe Failure v2015.12
PN oRTIgo 001 Use With Black Piranah hw5.x v2013.11


Use the links below to download any of the available manuals for RTIs Products.

Scatter and Leakage
RTI Scatter Probe User’s Manual English v2021.5b
Declaration of Conformity RTI Scatter Probe
SDoC fcc RTI Scatter Probe

Piranha Reference Manual English v5.7b
Piranha Quick Check Getting Started English v1.14a
Piranha QuickCheck Handbuch Deutsch v5.5h
Black Piranha On Pristina Quick Guide v2020.1a
Declaration of Conformity Piranha

Cobia Reference Manual EN v2021.1b
Cobia Sense Users Manual EN v2019.12b
Cobia Smart RF & Dental Users Manual EN v2019.12b
Cobia Flex RF Users Manual EN v2019.12b
Cobia Flex RF Bedienungsanleitung DE v2015.8a
Declaration of Conformity Cobia

Ocean Next Installation Guide v2021.1a
Ocean Next Quick Check Manual v1.4a
Ocean Next Getting Started with Studio v1.4a

Ocean 2014 Users Manual English v3.15a
Ocean 2014 Reference Manual English v3.15a
OceanCentral User Manual English v1.2a

RTI Dose Probe Detector Data v2019.12a
RTI CT Ion Chamber Detector Data v2019.12c
DCT 10 and 30 Detector Data v2020.3a
CT Dose Profiler Users Manual English v6.7a
ChamberAdapter Users Manual English v1.8a
Light Probe Manual v2019.12b
MAS 1B Manual EN v2019.12a
MAS 2 Manual English v2019.12a
RTI mA Test Point Cable v2021.6a
GE mA Test Point Cable v2020.6a
RTI Dose Probe Flexi Stand v2019.12a
Piranha Dose Probe Holder 1.0b
Piranha OPG Holder Getting Started v4 2019.12a
RTI DAP Chamber Quick Guide v2020.10a
T20 Detector Data v2019.12b
Tablet Asus 10 Inch Instruction v2017.3a

RTI Slit Camera Users Manual EN 1.0b
RTI Nova Ruler Set
Visi X Manual v2019.9a
Mover Users Manual English v2.4a
Cobia Vertical Holder Getting Started v1.0 2019.12a

If you require any documents not listed, please contact your RTI Group ASM.