8 July 2020

After ten years in RTI’s R&D Team, Elisabeth Öster, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since 2017, has announced her move to Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset) to take up the post of Unit Manager Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering – Therapeutic Medical Physics.

As ‘Unit Manager’ in radiotherapy in Sweden’s largest hospital, Elisabeth’s new, hands-on responsibilities involve working closely with physicists and engineers and in treatment planning.  She will also be collaborating with colleagues in the Diagnostic division, as they are part of the same management group.

Elizabeth said: “I am ready for the change, and when I start at the hospital after the Summer vacation, I am excited about getting to grips with the unit’s research, development, and daily routines and to begin setting up goals and targets.”

Elisabeth Öster is no stranger to ‘Sahlgrenska’, though.  After completing her M.Sc. Medical Physics at the University of Gothenburg, she worked for seven years in the hospital’s Radiotherapy unit before joining RTI.

“I was starstruck when RTI asked me to join, explained Elisabeth, “what impressed me the most was the broad knowledge of the small team of medical physicists and specialists who I subsequently worked with.”

From an R&D Physicist to her final position as CTO, RTI has provided Elisabeth with a decade of “adventure and a new view of the medical physics industry” through collaboration with global hospitals, research institutes, and the company’s impressive Key Accounts.

Her initial R&D work included assisting in developing the one-shot HVL and producing a Black Piranha meter to function in mammography and CT, which have contributed immensely to the Cobia and Piranha X-ray Quality Assurance ‘solutions’ RTI markets today.

After her promotion to CTO in December 2017, Elisabeth was co-responsible for product management and the development of all RTI solutions with her colleague and successor, Fredrik Brorson, who has merged the responsibilities into a new position of Vice President Solutions.

Elisabeth is excited by the change in her working environment.  “University hospitals and the treatment of patients are driven by research and development,” she explained.

“Industry and hospitals aim for the same thing; more value for the customer through effective R&D and collaboration.

“A great example of this trend at RTI is the Ocean software and Piranha meters with automation and Bluetooth connection, which ensure X-ray Quality Assurance more quickly, safely, and efficiently.  This technology releases valuable time for research and development in the clinics.”

The team spirit and success have left a lasting impression on Elisabeth, who said: “I am immensely proud of the solutions and the RTI staff, and I look forward to following the future achievements of the company.”

Whilst she has mixed feelings about leaving her colleagues and RTI “family”, Elizabeth said she is delighted that Fredrik Brorson is her successor as “he is a great manager!”.

From everyone at RTI, we wish you the very best of luck and success in your new position, Elisabeth, and applaud your contribution to X-ray Quality Assurance.

Elisabeth Öster