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RTI Warranty – your solution is safe in our hands

A general policy for all products purchased from RTI.

RTI Group Warranty pdf download.


Get the best warranty on the market – up to ten years

The RTI conditional Extended Warranty program for the Piranha and Cobia platforms gives you up to a ten-year warranty. Each instrument comes with a two-year warranty. By joining the Extended Warranty Program, you can increase your warranty for two years at a time – up to ten years.

RTI Group Extended Warranty pdf download.

10 Year Warranty

How to join the ten-year warranty program

You have to calibrate your newly purchased Piranha or Cobia meter within 24 months at an RTI calibration laboratory.

When ordering the calibration, add the extended warranty service to get 24 months of extended warranty.

Continue to calibrate every 24 months and choose the extended warranty service. This will give you an extended warranty by 24 months, up to ten years.

For more information about the RTI extended warranty program, please contact:

Europe, Africa, South America, and the rest-of-the-world

RTI Group Headquarters
(Mölndal, Sweden)

Daniel Toll – Service Engineer
+46 31 746 36 08

The USA and Canada

RTI Group North America

Amy Sollers – Administrative Assistant



Daniel Toll – Service Engineer
+46 31 746 36 08