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Press release from RTI, November 20, 2023

Mako with Ocean Software on a tablet in an X-ray environment

RTI has made a groundbreaking advancement in X-ray Quality Assurance (QA) and testing by introducing their revolutionary new X-ray meter, Mako, at the Radiological Society of North America Meeting in Chicago, United States. The next-generation multimodality X-ray meter has market-leading accuracy (±1.5 % kVp uncertainty) thanks to innovative new detector technology. Centered around efficiency, Mako provides the ultimate no-fuss experience, simple setup in all X-ray applications, and fully wireless capability. The modular, future-proof system design provides ultimate configuration flexibility, with the widest-ever application range for X-ray Quality Assurance testing.

When it comes to protecting patients and staff in medical X-ray imaging, regular and proper Quality Assurance and testing is paramount. Mako is not just a tool; it’s the complete tool belt in X-ray testing, protecting patients and medical staff from unnecessary X-ray dose while ensuring the best image quality and prolonging system lifetime. This revolutionary product is a culmination of over 40 years of experience in X-ray Quality Assurance and testing, with Mako delivering the most advanced hardware platform, fully integrated into the industry- leading software and cloud solutions, for unparalleled efficiency and full traceability.
The modular, platform-based design breaks ground in performance for all medical X-ray applications, designed to excel across Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Dental, and CT applications, with seamless integration of a wide range of probes simultaneously. The new Mako R/F Probe adds a superior dynamic range from low-to-high dose rates, and the system integrates non-invasive mAs capability, for an industry-leading solution in radiography/fluoroscopy applications. The Mako Mammo Probe covers the entire clinical kV range in mammography from 18-49kV with superior accuracy, whereas other mammography sensors are limited to 40kV. Mako also offers the ultimate test tool in Dental X-ray applications, featuring a sensor that is four times narrower and yet more sensitive than leading competitors, offering superior performance even in narrow-beam X-ray. With the capability to integrate DAP, mAs, CTDI, Light and many other QA measurements, Mako is the ultimate solution for all X-ray QA applications.

Mako meter, probes and modules.

The groundbreaking new technology is complimented by RTI’s market-leading warranty program of up to 10 (ten) years and extensive calibration cycle, which, together with free online training programs and dedicated support, embodies the company’s vision of “Setting the standard for the Quality Assurance of X-ray imaging.” Dr. Michael Olding, Head of Product Management at RTI Group, said, “Our meters must offer not only accuracy in measurement but also efficiency in the setup and performance. Only Mako offers this unique combination, with the advanced detector design possessing the best-ever sensitivity and accuracy while transforming the user experience with a no-fuss setup and streamlined data collection”.

To learn more about Mako and book your free demo today, contact or visit

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