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Mako by RTI

A meter and a milestone.

The brand new Mako meter from RTI is a pioneering solution that will revolutionize your way of work with plug-and-play simplicity. It is the most efficient and accurate meter, offering the broadest application range in the market.

Experience the next level of quality control and testing for any or every modality. The Mako System can be configured to suit any application, with the ability to integrate Mako R/F Probe, Mako Mammo Probe, Mako Dental Probe, Mako mAs cable, non-invasive mAs (MAS-2), Mako Test Point Cable, RTI CT Ion Chambers, RTI CT Dose Profiler, Ion Chamber Magna 1cc, RTI DAP Chamber, RTI Light Probe & RTI Dose Probe. Mako Base Unit has Bluetooth connectivity as standard and is developed for connectivity to our powerful Ocean Next™ software.

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Unrivalled performance and versatility.

Experience the groundbreaking new sensor technology with best-ever accuracy in the market (±1.5 % kVp uncertainty across entire measurement range). Place Mako Probes in any orientation in the X-ray beam, for the most efficient measurements of kVp, time, HVL, total filtration, dose and dose rate, while revelling in the captivating presentation of waveform data.

A User's Perspective

My Seamless Journey with Mako

“When reflecting on my favorite feature or benefit with Mako, it’s undeniably the elimination of a common frustration in quality assurance – the need to calibrate the position every time I start a session. Mako’s unique advantage of not requiring repeated calibration not only saved me valuable time but also allowed me to dive into my tasks without unnecessary interruptions. This aspect significantly streamlined my workflow, enhancing overall efficiency.“

Mako Launch partner, Finland

Mako meter in X-ray environment
Efficiency, Accuracy, Versatility.

Elevate your standards.

Mako reigns as the most efficient and accurate meter, offering the broadest application range. This is your solution to eliminate detector swaps and simplify CTDI. Choose Mako, and join us in raising X-ray quality assurance and testing to new heights.

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