RTI T20 Dose Probe


The RTI T20 Dose Probe is a solid-state detector dedicated for measurements on Rad/Fluoro systems when it is crucial that the detector itself does not have any effect on the system output or disturbs the X-ray beam.

It was developed for measurements of the patient entrance dose (skin dose) and the maximum dose rate in the radiographic and fluoroscopic field. Despite its small size, the RTI T20 is protected from picking up backscatter.

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Anywhere in the X-ray field

The RTI T20 can be placed anywhere in the X-ray field apart from many other detectors. For instance – the RTI Dose Probe – is small but not small enough in all situations. It still has to be placed outside the active area to avoid affecting the feedback of the system.

Independent and sensitive

The RTI T20 can connect to either Piranha, Cobia Flex, or Cobia Sense, and has a built-in correction filter which allows the detector to self-compensate for different beam energies.
Therefore it has a flat energy response in the radiographic range with no need for correction factors. RTI T20 gives about five times higher sensitivity than a typical ion chamber.
The RTI T20 fulfills the IEC directive for dose detectors regarding energy independancy, measuring range, and angular dependency for RQR50–150 kV.