Piranha - our premium platform for powerful QA.

Piranha comes ready-to-use and includes our powerful Ocean Next™ software.

The Piranha identifies any probe you connect and selects the optimum settings. Your tablet/laptop will work as an interactive display showing just the information you need. When you are done, everything is stored, and a report is ready to be printed.

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Fast for real
The Piranha, together with our Ocean Next™ software, is quick, and therefore your daily QA work will go quickly.

Ocean Next™ performs instant real-time analysis during your measurements and also prepares a report in the background as you go. So when the work is done, if you want a complete report of your work – just press print!

A Piranha never forgets
During the measurements, you will only see the desired values on your tablet or laptop. However, since the Piranha continues to work behind the scenes, you always have access to all of the data from each measurement. This enables you to perform for instance trend analysis and study the history of each X-ray equipment – even months after you have completed your measurements.

Position Check
Piranha has a unique feature that makes it possible to check the position of the detector before measuring. By using the Position Check function, you can verify that the detector area is fully irradiated. Possible field inhomogeneities are also neutralized.

Only pay for what you need
The number of Piranha models available ensures that you only pay for what you need. As your needs grow, you have unlimited ability to upgrade your Piranha.


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