RTI Chamber Adapter

External module for connecting ion chambers

The RTI Chamber Adapter is an external module for connecting ion chambers to the Piranha,  Cobia FLEX, or Cobia SENSE meters. The adapter upports ion chambers with LEMO triaxial connectors (e.g. RTI CT Ion Chamber, DAP chamber, and Magna 1cc mammography ion chamber).

Measuring range: 10 pA – 0.7 μA

Accessories: BNC and TNC triaxial to LEMO adapters, for connection of other types of triaxial ion chambers.


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  1. Type RTI Ion Chamber Adapter
    Reference Conditions 20 °C, 50% rel. humidity
    Bias Voltage Output +300 V, DC ±25 V
    Voltage ripple <±15 mV
    Power source 1100 mAh, Li Ion rechargeable battery
    Battery life >10 hours
    Current range 10 pA to 0.1 μA
    ±2 % or ±1 pA (exp. time >10 ms)
    Air kerma rate RTI CT Ion Chamber 0.3 mGycm/s - 3 Gycm/s
    10 and 30 cm ±5% or ±0.03 mGycm/s (exp. time >10 ms)
    valid for 10 and 30 cm models
    Air kerma rate Magna 1cc 0.25 mGy/s - 2.5 Gy/s
    ±6% or ±0.025 mGy/s (exp. time >10 ms)
    Air kerma rate DAP chamber 6 mGycm²/s - 1800 mGycm²
    (Air Kerma: 0.6 mGycm² - 1 kGycm²)
    ±6 % at reference conditions RQR5
    ±10 RQR2 to RQR10
    valid for 147x147 mm and 86x86 mm models
    Bandwidth 10 Hz
    Connectors Lemo triaxial connector for the ion chamber
    Hirose ST40 for the Piranha
    Dimensions 120 x 60 x 35 mm
    Weight 240 g
    Operating conditions 15 - 30 °C, <80 % relative humidity
    Storage temperature -10 °C to +50 °C