Cobia - for convenient,
wireless QA

Cobia is RTI's easy-to-use product platform for quick and efficient measurements. Cobias are all tailored for different modalities and job situations. All Cobias are wireless and fully compliant with RTI's Ocean software.

Below you can browse through the Cobia models we offer to find the one that fits your needs.

Select your Cobia solution

The Cobia Family offers a straightforward instrument that everyone who needs to make reliable quality control can use. RTI has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of X-ray detectors, and the Cobia Family is a direct implementation of our high-tech knowledge coupled with what we have learned in the field.

Cobia in Different Languages
As well as English, you can choose to run your Cobia in several languages such as Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. This can easily be selected via the Cobia menu and we constantly update with more languages.

Pay for What You Need
There are several versions of Cobia for measuring a variety of radiography and fluoroscopy parameters. Select the model that suits your needs, and only pay for what you need to measure.