For quick and accurate constancy checks

Connect different probes and ion chambers to the Cobia SENSE X-ray meter to enable measurements in a wide variety of situations. USB connectivity makes it possible to use the Cobia SENSE together with our Ocean Next™ software on a laptop, PC, or Tablet.

Included: RTI Dose Probe (calibrated at 70 kV, W/3 mm Al (R1)), internal display, internal rechargeable battery, micro-USB cable, power supply, Ocean Next™ software with Quick license, documentation, Soft-Shell transport case, and Basic online training.

For other configurations, please contact your Area Sales Manager or local RTI distributor.

Standard two-year warranty/calibration. Read about our pre-paid calibration and extended warranty.


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Cobia SENSE for your specific needs

The Cobia SENSE is dedicated for use with an external detector such as the RTI Dose Probe, RTI Light Probe, RTI CT Ion Chamber*, or external mAs probes. The wide selection of external probes enables big flexibility in the performance of regular constancy checks for most modalities.

Customize to your needs by selecting CTDP, DAP, and more.

*Requires a Chamber Adapter to measure.

Auto recognition of external probes

Just connect your probe and you are ready to measure.

Ocean Next™ software

Our Ocean Next™ software exhibits Cobia’s capabilities and adds benefits that make the workflow more practical and simpler. The software makes it possible to perform remote X-ray QA measurements with your Cobia SENSE. You simply connect to your Cobia, via Bluetooth, or with a USB cable to your PC or Tablet, then measure!

With the addition of Ocean Next™ Professional, the Cobia SENSE truly becomes an indispensable solution for data management, efficiency, time-saving procedures, and compliance.

  1. Large, rotatable display
  2. Log/History function
  3. USB communication
  4. Can be used with ion chambers
  5. Automatic recognition of external probes
  6. User menu in nine (9) different languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
  7. Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  8. Always free firmware upgrades
  9. Up to ten-years warranty
  10. Two-year calibration cycle
  1. Weight (approx.) 280 g
    Size 140 × 78 × 28 mm³
    Power source Int. battery / Ext. power supply
    Battery life 10 – 20 hours
    Display Color, 320 x 240 pixel
    Min. Exp. Time 0.1 ms
    Sensitivity 0.2 mA @ 50 kV, 50 cm (3mm Al)
    Warranty Two years
    Extended Warranty Up to ten years
    Calibration Cycle Two years
    Standard Complies with relevant parts of the standards IEC 61674 and IEC 61676 for dosimetric instruments
    PTB Approval DE-15-M-PTB-0005
  2. Size 20 x 45 x 7.4 mm, 0.79" x 1.8" x 0.29"
    Weight 85 g (3 oz)
    Cable length 2.0 m (6.6 ft)
    Backscatter protected Yes
    Dose 6 nGy - 2 kGy. 660 nR - 250 kR (± 5%)
    Dose rate 220 nGy/s - 220 mGy/s. 1.5 mR/min - 1.5 kR/min (± 5%)
    Time 0.33 ms – 9999 s
    Pulses 3 – 9999 pulses
    Dose per pulse 1 nGy/pulse - 3 kGy/pulse. 114 nR/pulse - 342 kR/pulse
    Pulse rate/frequency 1/6 - 260 Hz

RTI Dose Probe

For low dose rate measurements The RTI Dose Probe is an external dose probe designed to perform very low dose rate measurements, for instance, on image intensifiers. The probe is very small to avoid or minimize interference with AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) on X-ray equipment. This also enables it to fit into the table bucky. [...]

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RTI Light Probe

Designed to comply with the needs of QA in modern X-ray departments The RTI Light Probe measures the brightness on monitors with the same spectral response as the human eye. With a monitor and a lux adapter, the RTI Light Probe measures the brightness on monitors and film viewing boxes and the ambient light in [...]

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The simple way of invasive measurements The RTI MAS-1 is an invasive probe for the measurement of mA and mAs. Together with Piranha or the Cobia SENSE, direct reading of mA and mAs, as well as waveform, are obtained. The probe connects to the mAs socket in the X-ray generator and to the multimeter. It [...]

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RTI CT Dose Profiler

A pioneer in measuring CT Dose RTI CT Dose Profiler probe for use with our Piranha, Cobia FLEX, or Cobia SENSE (with PC com). Used for the evaluation of CT and CBCT systems. The probe fits into standard phantoms used for CTDI measurements. One-shot accuracy The RTI CT Dose Profiler has taken CT quality assurance [...]

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RTI CT Ion Chamber

The RTI CT Ion Chamber 10 cm and 30 cm are both cylindrical pencil-shaped ionization chambers. They are intended for CTDI measurements free-in-air or in a [...]

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Ion Chamber Magna 1 cc

Excellent energy response The Ion Chamber Magna 1 cc is designed for mammography dose measurement. With an excellent energy response, it can be used for radiographic applications too. It is the ideal choice for two reasons: Evaluations of Magna ionization chambers show a response within ±1% over an extended mammography range of 20-50 kVp (HVL [...]

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DAP Chamber

The big news in a small format The DAP Chamber is the perfect tool for field calibration of orthodontic X-ray equipment.  You can measure with just one click – fast, easy, and accurate, ensuring your quality control process runs safely and smoothly. Available in two sizes – 86 x 86 mm and 147 x 147 [...]

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RTI Chamber Adapter

External module for connecting ion chambers The RTI Chamber Adapter is an external module for connecting ion chambers to the Piranha meters, Cobia FLEX, or Cobia SENSE. The adapter upports ion chambers with LEMO triaxial connectors (e.g. RTI CT Ion Chamber, DAP chamber, and Magna 1cc mammography ion chamber). Measuring range: 10 pA – 0.7 [...]

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10" Tablet PC 

Connect wirelessly! Microsoft Surface Go 3 10″ Tablet PC display for wireless or USB communication with the Piranha and Cobia meters. The portable tablet comes with a detachable keyboard, Windows 11 Home, installed Ocean Next™ software, built-in Bluetooth, a charger, and all necessary items to make it a user-friendly & versatile [...]

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