Together with RTI’s CT Ion Chamber or CT Dose Profiler, the LoniMover™ is, without a doubt, the easiest way to measure CTDI and waveforms for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT.

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Measure CTDI for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT

The LoniMover™ has now been updated to version 4.2!

Measure CTDI for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT according to the IEC 60601-2-44 Ed. 3:A1 standard. Remember, the LoniMover™ works well with any Pencil Ion Chamber of any brand.

Many improvements have been implemented in the new LoniMover version 4.2. The biggest one is that the LoniCT software supports Cobia SENSE and Cobia FLEX so measurements can be received with the same software. The software can, of course, still operate simultaneously with the RTI Ocean Next™ software, so you can gather all your measured data in your sessions, as well as analyze, save, and autogenerate full reports.

With this solution, you can seamlessly use the LoniMover™ with a Piranha and other solutions from RTI. Even better, with built-in Bluetooth, everything is wireless and easy to set up!

Click the <Specification> tab to find out the new features.


LoniMover technical notes

LoniMover specification guide

Version 4.2 new features

  • Scan up to 300 mm (and the Pencil Ion Chamber can cover 400 mm)
  • LoniCT software can be used with Cobia SENSE and Cobia FLEX
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LoniCT software can measure FWHM on pulsed profiles
  • More flexibility in scanning parameters
  • Mechanical fixes
  • More software functions, saving data, and settings!

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